Which 1 matters the most to my internet service download or upload speed?

Just trying to stay ahead in this argument me and my brother got in
now to me i beleave you most likely need download speed
Am i correct please let me know and why i need which ever ones most inportant

download speed is what matters . More fast download speed means you can download songs ,movies etc faster.
Fast download speed also means any webpage opens faster . Remember opening a webpage is similar to downloading anything else on your computer .

Uploading is not much essential , unless you upload many huge photos etc .

It seems that most ISPs like to limit how fast you can download information from websites. Usually, their specs show that upload speeds are faster. I think they do this to restrict people from running a business that relies on tons of data downloads unless they pay for the faster speed. From my point of view, it doesn’t matter which direction data is flowing, it just that the slowest connection point sets the maximum download/upload speed.

So, in my opinion, the faster the download, the better the ISP. Faster downloads automatically come with faster yet uploads.

If you upload a lot of data, then upload speed will be your driving factor. If you download a lot of data, then your download speed will be your driving factor. So both of you could be right.

it depends on the volume of work you do. Its only fair that u have an upload spped of atleast half the download speed; It can get frustrating when your sending an attachment and u cant upload it coz ur upload speed it too low ;

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