What would you do if someone stole your favorite baby name?

I’ve seen a lot of questions on here about a sister, or a SIL, or a cousin, or a best friend stealing a baby name, and I know that if that happened to me, I’d freak out and name my baby that anyways. I don’t see why they can’t just name their baby the name they chose anyways. So what if there’s two babies in the family with the same name? It’s the other women’s fault for stealing a name that meant so much to you. Anyways, what would you do?

I would be upset too. Personally I’d be mad and then I’d get over it later. I would probably still name my baby the name I wanted.

Someone did steal mine, but it changed me for the better. I originally wanted to name my daughter Chloe. Unfortunately, my SIL had her baby, and after I told her I wanted to name one of my babies Chloe, she named her baby girl Chloe Louise. I WAS upset until I found the name Zoe (very similar to Chloe but different). I’m due next month with twins, and I’ve already told everyone the names I have picked out.

Everyone loves Zoe (especially MIL) 😉

So it turned out pretty good in my situation.


My sister did that. I wanted to name my first daughter either Lidia or Anastasia for years, and she named her daughter ‘Lidia Anastasia’. I was so mad. She always knew how much I loved them. I ended up naming my first daughter Grazyna Zofia (grah zhee nuh). We call her Gracie. There are actually two Kaspers in my family. My son, and my father. It is no big deal, because we call my father ‘dziadek’ which means grandpa in Poland (where my family is from). And two Tomasz’. We call one Tommy and the other T.J. It is not too big of deal… And, yes it is the woman’s fault if she know how much you loved the name. I cried for days about my neices name.

I really wouldn’t care, not like I own the name.

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