What is your reaction to Donald Trump s comment on Muslims?

Though I do not believe that Muslims should be excluded from the United States since we are a country that was built on religious tolerance. However, I do believe that we need to limit visas and immigration from parts of the world where terrorism is a problem.

Trump is saying what needs to be said. We have got to shut down
Political Correctness. We have been ruled and run by its subversion’s
for entirely to long.

Although I can see how people are alarmed and scandalised by it, I can also see that it is predicated in some grassroots feeling that Islam has not been behaving like what we normally think of as a “religion” lately. And it brings to mind the fact that, even in better times, their culture has some slightly different values than ours: to wit, there are routine Human Rights violations in Islamic countries and while our own culture has grown increasingly Feminist, they do not allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia, and behead “unfaithful” wives.

I do agree with him on that point. During the 2nd World War we didn’t let in Japanese or German refugees either for much the same reasons. Until the ISIS crisis is over, Syrian refugees need to be turned back. If even 1 in a hundred has been radicalized that is one too many. It is the job of our government to protect US the American citizens, not refugees.



Liberal laughter. Tittering at the thought that
Mr. D. Trump is the best circle jerk that cruel
and depraved voters have been offered. Yes,
its a scandal. For the Blame Game crowd its
a target-rich environment.

I think he just lost it…At the moment he had spoken the very sentence it had become very clear to me he’s actually out of campaign, and off course it must have been clear to him as well, so unless he was looking for an exit he believed to be honourable, this had been a major blunder…

This is what 30% of conservative Republicans think.

The above shows just how witless many of these ‘republicans’ are.

I do not believe the modern ‘Republican’ Party has any real connection with it’s historic roots at all.

Don’t waste your time listening to any of the candidates; they’re all liars and thieves and morons. And Don’t Vote! You Vote and Elect in Vain, in the end; they Select who runs the Train.

I don’t agree with him. I don’t believe in banning a religion. Curtailing immigration for a certain region is different than a religion.. Some candidates have stated that it is good to take in the Syrian Christians, but not the Syrian Muslims..

I’m all for the US turning Moslem
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