What is your favorite Beatles album and your least favorite Beatles album?

Favorite: Sgt. Pepper
Least Favorite: Yellow Submarine soundtrack

Favorite: The White Album
Close Second: Abbey Road
Least Favorite: Yellow Submarine

Favorite – A Hard Day’s Night (Abbey Road close 2nd)
Least Favorite – Beatles For Sale (Sgt. Pepper 2nd)

I don’t even count Yellow Submarine. It’s only got a couple of previously unreleased songs actually done by the Beatles.

Favorite: Abbey Road
Least Favorite: With the Beatles

ok, it fairly is confusing. famous is a tie between: help!, a confusing Day’s nighttime, and Sgt. Pepper. Least famous: White Album. that is nonetheless an magnificent album, and Blackbird is unquestionably one of my famous songs, yet i admire their earlier song so lots greater useful. i’m no longer asserting that I in basic terms like their earlier stuff, yet I only like it greater useful. BQ: Paul. And that is clarification for his song, no longer because of the fact he replaced into amazingly lovable. once I first began listening to the Beatles (the 1st album I have been given replaced into the #a million album), the songs I have been involved in have been the former day, we are able to artwork It Out, woman Madonna. BQ2: Vienna, via Billy Joel. he’s my 2nd famous after the Beatles, and it fairly is my track of the day.

Favorite – The White Album
Least Favorite – Rubber Soul

least favorite -yellow submarine

Hmmmm I would have to say my favorite is Revolver, least favorite would be Let It Be…


worst-yellow submarine

favorite would be sgt. pepper and revolver
least favorite would be yesterday and today

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