What is the Arab/Israli conflict? (simply)?

i don’t understand what it is,for citizenship i have to write:

What was the conflict?
Who intervened?
and Where those actions effective?

can you explain these simply for me to understand please, thank you.

1. The area presently known as Israel was settled by the Jews more than 3,000 years ago. The Jews are the recognized first adherents of the modern one god religion that later produced Christianity and Islam.
2. About 2,000 years ago, the Roman Empire devastated the area and dispersed the Jews. They began a long period of exile and wandering, always with a faith that someday they would be able to reestablish their homeland.
3. After the Romans were Christianized and the Arabs became disciples of Islam, the area was fought over because both Jesus and Mohammed had connections with Jerusalem. The Jews were caught in the middle.
4 In the 12 Century, Islam gained control of the area. Arab leadership gave way to Turkish leadership under the Ottoman Empire.
5. At the end of the 19th Century, a group of Jewish philosophers and social scientists made an arrangement to purchase land in the area from the Ottoman and make it a Jewish Homeland.
5. As a result of the Great War (World War I) Turkey lost control of the area to Great Britain. Great Britain promised both Arabs and Jews that they could have the land.
6. Arabs and Jews were constantly fighting between the two world wars. Great Britain worked very hard to keep Jews from immigrating.
7. As a result of the German extermination programs of World War II, Britain was forced to give Jews their right to have their state of Israel. The Arabs of the region were incensed. War began, and has continued without abatement ever since.
8.Israelis argue with some basis in fact that they took arid and unfarmable land, turning it into farmland and industrial centers. They claim that the land has value today because of their sweat equity.
9. Arabs argue with some basis in fact that Israelis unfairly drove arabs from famland and village. They claim that any value the land may have deserves to be given to the Arab.
10. In 1948, Israel declared independence.
11. In 1954 Israel defended itself against foreign agression.
12 .In 1967 in response to threats from Egypt, Syria and Jordan, the Israeli army carried out a preemptive strike which resulted after 6 days in a victory against the combined forces of the three nations. The Israelis then occupied the areas known as the West Bank and Gaza.
13. Following the war, the Arab States began a campaign in the United Nations to have the territory returned to Jordan and Egypt. Jordan’s King Hussein, however, did not want the territory back, because the Palestinian population who lived there were a threat to his monarchy.
14. The Palestinian population began campaigns of violence against the occupying army and Israeli civilians. Israeli civilians began building communities in the area.
15. Over the years, the violence has escalated to the point where nearly everyone on both sides have family who has been killed.
16. In 1974, the Arab coalition attacked Israel on the most holy day in the Jewish year.
16. The US has intervened on two occasions. in 1978, President Carter brokered a peace agreement known as the Camp David Accords, In 1992 President Clinton brokered a peace agreement known as the Oslo Accords.
17. There is a substantial portion of the Israeli population which would accept a Palestinian state comprised of the occupied territories.
18. There are few Palestinians who are willing to accept the continued existence of the State of Israel.
19. As long as the memory of the Nazi extermination of the Jews is still fresh in the minds of the people of Israel, it is unlikely that there will be peace until the Palestinian people are willing to accept Israel.

isreal keeps stealing land

It isn’t simple. You will have to study.

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