Those of you seeking for truth…Have you read the Book of Mormon? Why or Why not?

I ask this because I am a Mormon an find it strange that so many people I come in contact with are actually afraid to read it. For example, I was on a plane and sat next to a Baptist lady. We began discussing religion. I told her I could show her some new insights into her question in the Book of Mormon. I pulled it out, and couldn’t believe what happened. She actually backed away, and said she didn’t even want to touch it. As if it was evil or something. I wondered where she got this attitude from was it her minister? I have never heard another religion put down from the pulpit in my church and I was hurt by this, so I was wondering if this is how most other people feel too, that it is an evil book. I assure you it is just the opposite. I love the book.

I think it would be a mistake to assume that this Baptist woman believes in her church any less fervently than you believe in Mormonism. And since her church does not accept the BoM she naturally sees it as an affront to her faith. That’s the nature of religious faith, whether you’re Mormon or Baptist or Catholic.

If it’s helpful, consider this: you and I are sitting on a plane and talking about the witnesses to the Book of Mormon. I say I could show you some new insights into who these witnesses were and what beliefs they held. Then I pull out “An Insider’s View to Mormon Origins” and turn to chapter 6. (Keep in mind that I truly believe I’m helping you by showing you this.) Are you going to read it?

Maybe you would, but many a believer would not. It isn’t comfortable having your most cherished beliefs challenged.

Oh and for what it’s worth, I have read the Book of Mormon (maybe six times?) and I don’t think it’s evil. I just don’t think it’s an actual history of anything and don’t find anything particularly valuable in its world view.

Do you believe the book of Mormon to be divinely inspired?

The Book of Mormon is the keystone in our witness of Jesus Christ, who is Himself the cornerstone of everything we do.

It bears witness of His reality with power and clarity. Unlike the Bible, which passed through generations of copyists, translators, and corrupt religionists who tampered with the text, the Book of Mormon came from writer to reader in just one inspired step of translation.

Therefore, its testimony of the Master is clear, undiluted, and full of power. But it does even more. Much of the Christian world today rejects the divinity of the Savior.

They question His miraculous birth, His perfect life, and the reality of His glorious resurrection.

The Book of Mormon teaches in plain and unmistakable terms about the truth of all of those.

It also provides the most complete explanation of the Atonement. Truly, this divinely inspired book is a keystone in bearing witness to the world that Jesus is the Christ.

It is the only book that carries with it a promise that the reader, having GOOD intent may petition the Holy Spirit as to weather it is true or faults and will have that testimony burned into their heart.

I have had that testimony of communication from the Holy Ghost to my spirit that told me yes…. The Book of Mormon is indeed…

Divinely inspired, of the Lord Jesus Christ.

most people are taught that contact with the book of mormon will cause you to shrivel up and die, much like a cross touching a vampire.

whats interesting to note is there are certain groups (like the baptists and jdubs) who specifically have time devoted to anti mormon classes, where truths about the church are mixed in with half truths and flat out lies.

i guess what it comes down to is the leaders of those churches or groups know the power the book of mormon has, and that they will lose members of their congregation if they take time to read, ponder, and pray about the book of mormon and ask god if its true.

Yep, I pretty much had to read it during my over 30 years as an active LDS member. I found it boring as hell.
For all those claiming that Christian pastors are all about keeping members for their money, are you a full tithe-payer?

All religions are perspectives, fragments of the greater and absolute truth. It would serve mankind well if theologians assembled to create a new belief for the 21st century incorporating the fundamentals of all faiths into a one global doctrine and set of statutes.

Mormonism is a socialised religion for the deeply spiritual and befits ascetism and self sufficiency. Unfortunately religions begin to give greater credence to quantity than quality and are called to dilute their stringent doctrine to encompass a greater number and thereby become diluted and confused because of this.

I already found the Absolute Truth. I haven’t read the book of Mormon and never seen one because of certain circumstances. I hope to see one and try to read it.

I wouldn’t take it too personally. That type of peson probably also won’t let her kids read those “evil” Harry Potter books…

People should be open to learning about different perspectives and beliefs. I’m currently reading a Buddhist book and it’s pretty interesting stuff.

I’m not afraid to read it, I just think it’s pointless to read it. I find it has no credibility based on it’s literary history. I don’t even think the BIBLE has that much credibility so I am definately not going to think the book of Mormom does.

I think she didn’t realize that the main rea$on why her Bapti$t pa$tor didn’t want her reading the Book of Mormon i$ becau$e he doe$n’t want her to leave hi$ church, for $ome rea$on. I mean, $he might ju$t read the Book of Mormon and believe it i$ the word of God and $he would join the LDS church and then where would HI$ church be?

I consider myself a seeker of the truth, and have read and do read the Book of Mormon regularly. It is the word of God and can bring us closer to God by following its precepts. It is a companion to the Bible in testifying of Christ.

Yes, I have. Several times in fact. I didn’t find the truth in it. No warm fuzzy feelings either.

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