Robert E. Lee, Confederate Flag, etc.?

I have never understood, why these Southern Republicans (in full disclosure, I am a Republican from NJ), who, ostensibly, love America, have such veneration for Confederate generals and traitors. Robert E. Lee was, plain and simple, a traitor. He is lucky such a magnanimous person as Lincoln was president, because Lee deserved to be hung from the highest tree the Union could find. The same goes for Stonewall Jackson (who died before we could string his *** up), Jefferson Davis etc. I also can’t understand why they insist on flying the Confederate flag, which, slavery issues aside, is a symbol of disunion and treasion. How can you reconcile a love for America with the adoration of such horrible men?

Coming from an educated southerner with a master’s in history, not the uneducated Klan rally going, barefoot all the time, hick southerner that was mentioned in an earlier post, I may be able to shed some light on the Confederate hero worship.

I live in Richmond, VA, the capital of the Confederacy. We have an avenue here named Monument Ave. which has huge monuments of Lee, JEB Stuart, Jackson and Davis. For the most part those who worship these men, especially Lee and Jackson, don’t worship them because they were great defenders of slavery. They worship them because they defended their homeland against an invading army. Lee, Jackson and Stuart are considered to be great defenders of Richmond and Virginia. Let’s face it, the North did aggressively invade the South. Yes they did it to preserve the Union, but if you are living in Virginia and your home is being overrun by a Northern army, do you really care why they are there? You only care that your livestock has been confiscated to feed troops from Maine or New Jersey, your house is being used as a Northern command post, and your fields have been burned to prevent the crops from going to Southern mouths. Then Lee stands up to them. Who would you like more if you were from Virginia? The men who demolished your hometown and starved you out of your home, or the men who protected it from an invading army?

Another point that is often overlooked is that throughout the Civil War, the American south ceased to be part of the United States of America. It was a sovereign nation, with its own president, government and constitution. Like any nation, it needed its heroes. Its heroes of course became those who were fighting for its existence.

As a student of history, I have to respect the minds of men like Lee and Jackson, they accomplished quite a bit with very little. Davis however, I can’t say much in his defense. As for Southern Cross, I think it represents two things. One, it represents a time in our nations history when we were divided. Two, it represents the right to stand up against the federal government if one thinks they are overstepping their authority. Those who think it simply represents pro-slavery are just as ignorant as those who are actually pro-slavery.

a patriot in a lost cause, whose loyalty to his state will always command my respect. Thanks to level headed Republicans like Lincoln, we can reconcile our differences and remain a nation. Under your attitude, we’d still be fighting a guerilla war against the north…

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