Joe Lieberman wants to make this room a Homeland security target ????
we all know Joe is about as Democratically minded as Caesar..
but this short article is directly addressing this and many other chat rooms..
Under the guise of domestic terror Joe L would like to suppress and target anti American-policy rhetoric…
so in other words.. you want to take a shot at Israels treatment of the Palestinians? be ready to have a file dedicated to your anti American position…
I think that most of us will already be aware of said policy but this legislation would seek to put it up on the front line of the war against Terror

what say yo fellow Yahooers ? Does that sound like a free society to you ?

We no longer live in a free society. As long as we have that anti-“Patriot” act along with a few more acts signed in Oct. of 2006 we haven’t been free. I see more and more cameras all over (not just in the grocery stores either). Cell phones which can be monitored even when you aren’t talking to anyone.

Anyone who really thinks that those Acts are for the “Terrorists” (which I might add the USA CREATED with the aid of the CIA) are seriously deluded individuals who have never studied history or the rise of Germans Hitler.

i agree. with most truthout articals they expose the truth and tell people what they need to hear. Jim Dempsey was mostly right with saying that he dident think joe had the right to stop free speech on the internet. and joe had no right to tell online companys what they can and cannot display. thats like telling yahoo that within answers people cannot talk of revolution or spread ideas of changing laws.

here is something intresting acording to democracy now
“Sen. Joe Lieberman Endorses John McCain
In other news in the GOP race, independent Senator Joseph Lieberman has endorsed Republican Senator John McCain for president. Lieberman said McCain is “a leader who can break through the partisan gridlock.” Lieberman was a Democrat up until 2006 and was Al Gore’s running mate in 2000″

Joe be crazy. Actually, it kinda seems like there’s more than meets the eye. Israel has banned an academic named Norman G Finkelstein from entering Israel for 10 years. He is a very unpopular professor who challenges some of the rationale for Israel’s beginning. He and Alan Dershowitz are bitter enemies, but even Alan condemned the banning. Maybe Joe knows something we don’t.

Simply amazing ! It’s the McCarthy era all over again. First you censor the “terrorist” ideologies of the Arab community, of course by a small committee of “righteous and pure men”, then it will be criticisms of the Government and from there, well there would be no “there”.
This kind of anti-democratic attitude is simply too far to the left and has to make one wonder, what if our next President shares any socialistic ideologies.

i still havent figured out why Old Joe hasnt run for the Knesset yet

he only cares about pushing thier foriegn policy issues onto the back of the US taxpayer and soldiers

its not our job to clean up THIER neighborhood

if they really wanted peace they should have picked a place where they didnt have to kick out the neighbors when they moved in

I will proudly have a security file in my name! It ‘s my Right and Obligation to question and probe the policies of this Nation.

As time goes on they will seek greater and yet greater control.

However, I don’t think we should worry too much about the future, as it is the present which should concern use.
New for you all! They are already in here!!!

it rather is a twofold answer: a million) As an self reliant, he can caucus on the two section; and a couple of) he’s replaced events as quickly as and spoke on the Republican convention, so it relatively is no longer unthinkable that he could as quickly as returned change events. Liebeman turning out to be a Republican could be worse than letting him save the Chairmanship. for this reason, i think of they’re in basic terms attempting to maintain him chuffed. playstation : it relatively is unhappy how human beings declare to be followers of Jesus, and be so illiberal and hateful.

lieberman is a zionist fascist of the worst kind and a disgrace for his country and the human race

Sounds like the “McCarthy years”.

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