is it just me or is gordon brown the worst prime minister for britain ever?

is gordon brown a god in the making and doing the people of britain proud or a money thirsty jerk that would sell his own mother for sum tax and is david cameron the man that can lead britain into better things

Thatcher was the worst,David cameron is a waste of space.

You are not alone and last night on Question Time, David Milliband was confronted with his own words uttered on the show a few months ago, in which he described Gordon as a piss poor PM (these are not his exact words, but what he said back then amounts to much the same thing).

People are turning away from Labour in their millions.

I should think that the last local elections plus the London Assembly election and a byelection won by the Tories for the first time since 1982 is proof positive that Gordin Brine is the wrong man for the job of PM.

People are not going to change their minds about Labour and any kind of new leadership struggle within Labour will only send out the signal that they’re in a panic. Most of the MPs on the back-benches of the Labour side in the Commons have very slender majorities of maybe only a couple of thousand or so. A swing of only a few percent against them will see them on the skids and out of office.

Can’t wait until 2010.

Truthfully, one can’t really judge Gordon Brown until he’s out of office. But as a Tory, I’d love to say, “Yes, he’s the worst.”

Brown has made serious errors, both as Chancellor and now as PM. As Chancellor his errors were hidden by a healthy world economy but, when America suffered the credit crunch all this changed. It became apparent that as Chancellor Gordon Brown had spent money he didn’t have. UK plc is badly overextended.

As PM, Brown has made serious mistakes: allowing media speculation to build about a snap general election when he hadn’t made up his mind appeared as indecisiveness and weakness. The 10% tax rate fiasco smacked of incompetence. And those are just two things.

The OECD says that Britain will face the worst of the worldwide downturn. If Brown can tackle that successfully, he might yet redeem himself but I wouldn’t bet on it.

It’s too early to say what will happen at the next election but if Brown doesn’t find his feet very soon, I think Labour will get a drubbing, possibly worse than the Tories’ in ’97.

We have an unelected Prime Minister.

There should be an election.

Brown has made the bed he is sleeping in. He is behind the tax increases we all have to pay.

The Labour Government are excellent at changing the language and moving the goal posts. For example there are less unemployed as we are not counting the disabled or the long term sick – or the under 25s as they should be in education, things look better.

Things are coming apart now as there is less money to throw around and when we need the Government the most to look after us they have pi55ed it up the wall paying for useless pen pushers in all of their offices.

I think he is laughing, when they get thrown out of office, he will watch the Tories struggle to control his spending and give the Labour Party something to shout about when they are throwing questions.

Yes,he has made sure of it,just as a control freak would. There will be no leadership election,so Gordon Brown will just walk in and take over. As Gordon Brown heads the UK Executive, it will be a disaster for England!!! I only hope he calls an early General Election,and sincerely hope he,along with the rest of “New Labour” get their marching orders!!!!!!!!!!!

Worst ever, not too sure. But he’s bad enough.
“Money thirsty jerk who would sell his own mother to raise more tax” sounds about right to me.
When he was Chancellor he was exactly the same, basically old labour tax and spend – but now he has to carry the can for his past deeds.

John Major was poor and I think Gordon Brown is virtually as bad. He is unfortunate to have taken over from that escapist, Tony Blair, who was clever enough to jump the sinking ship.
The poor fellow was unable to grasp how bad the economy had become following his misrule as Chancellor but do not think he can be blamed for the rising price of oil or food. However, he can accept the blame for over-borrowing to falsely reflating the economy and for allowing our citizens to crave credit for inauspicious purchases to bring in tax revenues.

Gobbledygook Brown isn’t exactly Winston Churchill, imagine having him in charge during the Battle of Britain!

he is not the worst one ever, no, but he is hardly doing a good job. He needs to go back to Labour roots, and represent the working class people, not tax them to death with first the 10p tax, and now this “environmental” tax on older cars (does he not realise that the people who own these cars have an old one for a reason – because they can’t afford either a newer one or to pay this stupid tax)….

SO no not the worst, but no where near one of the best either

You are correct!Gordon Brown is the worst Prime minister in 200years!!

Seriously he shouldnt even be the prime minister of Britain…. He has no constitutioncy(spell check) on English soil so what gives this scott the right to participate in English parliament when English mps cannot do the same in the sottish parliament…Uf he stands up to europe ill ignore it…If we take on the Euro im emigrating

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