Is Christian Terrorism Growing In The United States?

Is Christian Terrorism Growing In The United States?

christians have been terrorizing people for centuries

Nobody knows the day nor hour but the father in heaven.I’ve heard Jack Van Impe selling this on his program implying that the rapture will happen then.This is up there like when he said that you will see your pets in heaven.Jack Van Impe don’t even say that he’s a prophet.If your pastor is saying this and is telling other this that just wrong.If people are looking to him as a prophet which he’s obvious not.They are deceiving themselves.

Those people are NOT portraying a good Christian example. Christians love and show love. The people committing these hate crimes are horrible individuals that need a reality check. This is NOT the work of Christ. I have been saved for 23 years and these people disgust me. Even if a person is living in sin, you love them and you show them love. I pray that God reveals to these sinners, these “Christians” that they are seriously in the wrong and need to reevaluate what they believe and what the Word of God says.

That would be false Christian terrorism. Those people are not living by the philosophies of Christ.

No. Union thug anarchists are impersonating Tea partiers, Christians, and they are even on YA.

Let’s just call it religious terrorism. Yes, it is.

As for “good” Christians being full of love, that’s not quite accurate. The Bible endorses slavery, violence in revenge for perceived slights, genocide. “Good” Christians endorse all of these things in their tacit support of an ancient philosophy.

I believe a major Right Wing terrorist attack is coming.
Then Glenn Beck will be happy because he surprassed the body count Rush Limbaugh and Bill Reilly have logged.

most people do not understand the connection between Hutaree and the Christian church, at their own peril

i dont care what religion the terrorist is. you are more likely to be killed by home appliances. maybe we should declare war on Sears


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