im a 16 yr old male and iv never had a girlfriends, and i have never kissed a girl?

ust curious because it seems like all my friends have and/or have had girlfriends before…i feel kinda left out or like i am doing something wrong…am i…and also i have never been appealed/attracted to boobage or sex, i really just care about the personality…but is this a bad thing, and/or something wrong,am i doing something wrong, because i feel like i am???

Seriously there is nothing wrong with you at all! I hang out with about 10 college guys and none of them have ever kissed or had a girlfriend! There is absolutly nothing weird about it at all, you have plenty of time to worry about girls later in life. At your age there is nothing special about them anyway, they are all immature. No there is nothing wrong with not being obsessed with sex, its actually a good thing. Every girl in the world always complains about there not being enough guys out there worried about personalities instead of sex. Don’t worry, you may feel like your doing something wrong but you are actually the one doing something right. 🙂

Yeah bro. THere aint nothing wrong with the way you are. There is plenty of time to get out there. I am 20, kissed plenty, but only had a relationship with one. As for boobs and sex, well, you might not be into any of it now, but theres a good chance that in the future you will be. But in reality, lots of girls spend there lives trying to find guys like you. Ones who dont mind not doing it, and just generally care about the person and their personality.

Now if you feel like you must change, here are a few little tips:

Keep up your image; Don’t go to school dressed like a slob, or a nerd. Just go casual, jeans and a shirt. Sometimes polo’s look great, sometimes tshirts are great. Do something original with your hair. Style it a little. Lots of girls like spikes, but not porcupine spikes. Use some axe wax or something dont gel them rock hard. Smell good always.

Be a little more outgoing; Not every girl has to be a girlfriend. I have plenty of friends that I hang out with that are just girls. THey like the company, and you get more comfortable around girls. GO to a few parties or something. Have lots of fun, enjoy it while you can.

No you are not doing anything wrong. You just care about yourself and don’t judge by looks. I bet your friends are just going out with any girl for the looks or just for the hell of it. I mean I could be wrong. The main thing in a relationship is personality. Love is all about patience. You are still young you have plenty of time..but to get a girl go out and have some fun to get to know them better and sooner or later they will get to know the real you. Follow your heart.

Don’t worry about it man, it’s no problem. I didn’t get my first kiss til I was 14 and then a year later, I was having sex and getting girls like crazy. Trust me man, it will all come in time. just ignore the people that say “get a girlfriend! you’re such a loser!” like that Keyla girl that responded earlier to the question. she’s what some might call a “whore” hahahaha

I’m sixteen and I’m in no rush to find a boyfriend. I think there’s nothing wrong with not wanting one or not having one. It’s no big deal. It’ll happen when you want it to happen. Also, liking personality instead of looks or sex is a good thing.

no, its not wrong. if youre not interested in sex yet, then thats good! less chance of knocking a girl up and ******* up your life if you dont have sex in the first place. Most girls would love to hear a guy is interested in them for their personality and not their sex appeal, but you gotta talk to girls to get to know them! try getting out a bit more:)

you aren’t doing anything wrong. you are just aren’t attracted to the boobs or sex. Your personality is refreshing and a girl will think like that and will want to ask you out. GOOD LUCK!

I’m 18, never had a boyfriend, never been kissed….
who cares?? I was valedictorian of my high school!

you actually sound like a decent guy, good for you!

did you just say boobage? you might be gay or really sweet….

You’re gay bro.

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