I was born in Scotland but both of my parents are English what nationality does that make me?


Nationality, counting on the region, ought to do with the two. you’re english and scottish by potential of blood, so which you will possibly desire to be seen English (or 0.5) by potential of default. Does England have a seperate nationality regulation than Scotland and the united kingdom? i presumed they only positioned it as British Nationality in generic. i be attentive to they are distinctive yet i presumed they only did it like: you’re a Scottish (or English) citizen yet your nationality is British.

I was born in Scotland (Glasgow) but lived most of my life in England My Scottish mother brought me up to feel Scottish my brother and two sisters who were born in England were allowed to be English. My father being Irish did not really care, But 50 years later we are a divided family. My brother and myself have an Irish passport My brother feels Irish. My sisters feel English/British and me I feel Irish and Scottish but NEVER British.
I now live in Spain my son is definitely Spanish/ Irish/Scottish but
not English nor British



I would consider you to be Scottish, as you were born in Scotland. My brother is Scottish and married to a lovely English lady, his children were born in Wales and they are Welsh….

Isn’t Scotland part of Great Britain…. ur British

But if u were to stay in Scotland and set life up there ur kids would be Scottish

Did you live in Scotland? If so – Scottish. If you were born there and then went home to England – you’re English.

You’re English, with a British passport. It doesn’t matter WHERE you were born – your nationality depends on the origins of your parents, not the place of birth.

It says British on your passport, it’s up to you where you want to put your allegiances, for instance, when it comes to sporting events whether or not you support England or Scotland.

British by descent. You’re classified as a British citizen.

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