Have you ever read Philip Pullman s &quot:His Dark Materials&quot: trilogy?

If yes, how’d you like it? What do you think of the way it described the Church?

Yes I read it, I enjoyed it. The Golden Compass movie made me laugh particularly at the end.

It is possibly the most anti-church fictional book I’ve read, but it is not really about most modern religions it is mainly about the Catholic Church of old (you know time of the inquisitions/galileo fiasco) only brought forward in time to the early/mid 20th century. A world where humanity never threw off the shackles of theocracy.

If your not an atheist you probably won’t get most of it but still a good read.

Spoilers Alert:

I mean there is a war on Heaven and God dies, the church tries to kill a young girl and tortures children to stamp out creativity and independent thought. And yet it is so plausible it is scary. Oh and they go to the afterlife and sacrifice their true love so that the dead can escape from it.

I read the first two books and part of the third but I just couldn’t like the characters and I found it very dull. I think the Church as described in the books was not the Real Church but the author’s perception of the institution. Mr. Pullman seems to have some very dark ideas and I would say that these colour his view of everything.

I cannot understand why people get so out of their prams about the way that certain fictions describe or interact with religious and other institutions. Look at all the hooha over the Da Vinci Code. It’s fiction, make believe and what if. I don’t think either author or others that deal in fiction mean us to take their version of such things literally.


“The Golden Compass” was alright – I give it 4 stars out of 5 (very good). The following books were less well-written (particularly the third, which characterizes a scientist in a way that completely baffles me, a scientist – and that line about “no one ever loved anyone more than I loved you” practically made me gag).

To be honest, considering the hype that accompanied it I was pretty disappointed. I was expecting an excellent fantasy, but instead found a really interesting tale woven onto a very hazy backdrop (first book), and a rather poorly-written story woven into an even hazier backdrop (remaining two books). To be honest, the second and third book seem more to be an emotionally-based criticism of a Straw Man Roman Catholic Church rather than a fantasy story – a criticism which ignores much of actual history. It is clear, though, that the author has very limited education in science (and he should have steered clear of scientific subjects). It is also clear that he should have studied the history of the Roman Catholic Church as relates to scientific efforts – that is, he should have read something other than the story about Galileo.

Fundamentalist Christian

It was okay, not fantastic. Don’t see why some Christians had their panties all up in a bunch over it, but they must enjoy the sensation as they do it all the time.

The RC church has declared this to be heretical and anathema.
All children should be given these books to read.

i remember sitting in church when it came out and the pastor telling me i was not allowed to read it, so then i did thinking it would be full of devil worship, sex, violence and rock and roll but i was sorely dissapointed

I think it is pretty accurate – if you look at the Catholic church in medieval times.

No but i read ‘Pullmans Penis when Phillips’?

It was alright — not great, but I don’t regret the time spent…


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