Has Obama been our worst president ever?

Look how Obama has screwed up the economy and over-stressed our military.

Obama has ruined America.

Yes! He’s not even president yet and look how bad things have got. Plus he’s talking to conservatives and having dinner at their houses. Today he got poor, dungaree-rocking homeless kids to do free house painting while he painted in a nice white shirt using a roller (which is against union rules). In 8 years we will rank him with the other bad presidents like Abraham Lincoln. And forget about everything else, like intellectual, communication, diplomatic, political, analytic, strategic, oratorical skills, deep compassion, and an innate sense of justice — we all know he can;t dance. And talk about fiduciary mismanagement: he quickly and efficiently collected an inordinate amount of money in the last election and didn’t even use it all!

The very thought of Barack Obama as president long ago got Americans thinking so improperly that it propelled us into that highly questionable year 2000 Supreme Court decision, a costly war, a global economy in free-fall, ravaging the environment, the abrogation of human, civil, and constitutional rights and liberties, and telling the world to jump in a lake. Those in the upper echelons of power have incontrovertible Youtube Video evidence that Obama started both World Wars, the Civil War, and the Avian flu. Yes, he’s been terrible! Bring back the greats like Presidents George W. Bush, Buchanan, Harding, Nixon, Tyler, Fillmore, and Hoover.

Take a deep breath and take your meds.

Bush presided over the worst economy in 50+ years and got us into a war in Iraq based on the lies of HIS people.

I think you mean President Bush.. Obama.. is not President yet!!! Hello

America is under the Bush administration by now.
Do you come from the future?

stop being a hater he didnt even step in the white house yet

this is the best joke I have heard in ages, must use it more often you are a Genius

WHERE ARE YOU Obama hasn’t started yet.

Oh my gosh this gave me a chuckle. Yep, he has been the worst president ever.

Ask this question two years from now. There will be an election then.

Go back to bed this is adult conversation, child.

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