favorite state in tha usa?

what is your favorite state in the united states of america? and why and what is your favorite sports team is it the same state?this is a dumb question but please answer


Best state in the USA is California. The best city in the WORLD is San Diego. The Padres are my favorite sports team. I grew up in SD, lived here since I was 4 years old. And frankly, would not want it any other way.

For basketball? I know everyone may say Indiana but Illinois has one of the greatest high school championships (check it out in Hoop Dreams), some damned good colleges and an NBA team you may have heard of called Da Bulls.

My fave sports team is not in that state and is not even in the U.S. It’s the Vancouver Canucks.

Dumb but fun question.

Ohio is the best state ever. You don’t have all the crime that bigger states do. You don’t have smog and congested traffic. You don’t have gang bangers and crack addicts, besides in Dayton and Columbus. Also, we have a great core of young players in our sports teams to make us the best in years to come.

Football: Bengals- Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson
Browns-Charlie Frye, Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow

Basketball: Cavs- LeBron James, Drew Gooden, Shannon Brown

Baseball: Indians- Casey Blake, CC Sabathia
Reds- Adam Dunn, Ryan Freel, Bronson Arroyo

Hockey: Blue Jackets- Rick Nash

Soccer: Crew- Alright, I don’t follow soccer, but they do have good young players also, and their time is coming.

CALIFORNIA!!! Lol yeah I love that state but Im not much in to their sports teams. They have the Padres for baseball and the Chargers for football soo ya know they arent “the best” lol. But seriously CA is awesome it has all 4 regions but the best is the Coast, specially SAn Diego.

Texas..I live there.
Better in Football — Cowboys
Better in Basketball — Spurs, Mavs,Rockets.
Baseball — Texas Rangers, Houston Astros
Hockey — Dallas Stars
Better food — Good Bar-b-que
Nice Beaches — Corpus Christi, Tx, Galveston — Texas
Most friendly state

California, is the best state because it has everything. My favorite team is the Sacramento Kings.

Hawaii and the University of Hawaii of course. If you haven’t been there, so need to go. It is beautiful beyond words and is there any other sports team in Hawaii ? The prettiest place I’ve every seen in the USA.

~CALIFORNIA~ i grew up in san diego where the weather is just about perfect all throughout the year. you have the beaches, the mountains, nightlife and diversity. during the last few yrs, i have made my way up north; living in los angeles and orange county. again, diversity and a variety of things to do to make life interesting. cali is the home of hollywood and the entertainment industry making it exciting…especially if you’ve had a chance to be apart of it. now i’m in san jose… i get to experience the seasons of hot summers, warm springs and chilly fall/winter. there are forests to camp in, mountains to drive to, beaches to chill at and the lists go on. there are many family amusment parks to go to, zoos, colleges/universities choices, many businesses = jobs galore, millions of houses and diversity once again that this state offers. cali is home to yahoo too, i believe… california’s history is interesting to read about as well.

sports teams: chargers, padres, lakers and the mighty ducks!

my favorite state in the united states is florida, and my favorite team in the state are the miami heat

California. Its a stunning state. i pass there each and every as quickly as in awhile. It has super cities, relaxing issues to do, and the climate is like..suitable. Its so distinctive too. and Illinois is my 2nd well-known. reason I stay right here. jk..yet its reason it has the super city of Chicago and a lot of places and distinctive cultures to be sure. 🙂 lol!

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