Exactly, why are Mormons supposed to be so bad?

My friend is Mormon and sometimes what she believes is a little, um…. strange, but I don’t know that much about moron beliefs- Oh, did i just say that?! Lol, MY bad! My backspace is frozen right now so…. haha, that’s pretty funny…

AHEM, back to my question….

What is so terrible about them?

This is everything you need to know about Mormanism. Note the bigotry.


There Good People But They Believe In Very Strange Things.

We are not bad.
Jesus was hated and we love, believe, AND follow him, therefore we are also hated. He said that was how it would be. If we were of the world, the world would love us.
He said to his haters, “For what good work do ye stone me?”
They answered and said, “Not for good works” (but for words and doctrine) because they knew he had not DONE anything bad.

I too can ask, “for what good work do they call us bad?”
They are going to say it’s the doctrine but if the doctrine doesn’t cause us to behave badly, then how does it make us bad?

They have no valid reason to dislike us. We believe in Jesus Christ and being good, so what’s to hate? Nothing.

Many of them want their sons and daughters to date ours and be friends with ours because they know that (most of) ours will be good examples to theirs. Keeping them away from drugs, drinking, and premarital sex. Our sons will treat their daughters with respect and will have standards of behavior that are high.

BUT, they do not want them joining the church that produces the high standards and they don’t want their children marrying these people of good character because something is really “screwy” with their beliefs. Plus, their friends will look down on them. Call them “morons” and such. Some people really care what their friends think when it comes to popularity in religion.

Makes no sense though to call us “bad”.
If the root is bad, then the tree is bad, and the fruit it produces will be evil and the actions will show that evil. They want to convince you that even though the fruit is good, the roots of the tree are somehow bad.

The people who think we are bad have pastors and preachers that have defined our religion for them just as the Pharisees did of Christ’s church. The Pharisees told their parishioners
that if Jesus were the Christ, surely they, being the religious scholars, would let them know so.
He was judged by his own to be of the devil.
Fear is a powerful motivator and people take advantage of that.
Mormons preach that it is not wise to rely on the arm of flesh to reveal truth. No matter if they are pastors. The only way to know who the Mormons are to God, is to ask God himself.
Some will point to misconstrued scripture and call us bad but the Pharisees had scripture and it did not tell them who Christ was and had they known, they would not have killed him. Peter knew who Jesus was because God revealed it to him. Not a book alone. Paul knew who Jesus was because God revealed it to him. Not a book alone.
It is the same now.
If you really want to know if we are bad, pray and ask God.

Nothing is “terrible” about them that isn’t also as terrible about any other religion. What they practice (and what every religion of faith practices) is following dogma that has insufficient evidence to show that it’s claims are factual. The rituals and rules and behaviors of any god-based, faith-based religion, as well as with the non-god spiritual beliefs, is simply outside of reality.

Ask yourself, is it wrong or terrible to believe in any belief?

Are Mormons terrible?… Not really. They’re just off beat and out of step with reality.

Really a question you don’t want to find an answer for on Yahoo Answers. Mormons are generally disliked because of little things about their religion. Do some research if you really want to know. But I know some mormons and they are really nice good people. Go anywhere and you will be able to find people who dislike people of every religion. But I think a lot of christians are annoyed by Mormons because while Mormons believe christians and mormons go to heaven, Christians don’t believe mormons go to heaven. So that paradox type situation causes trouble. Also I noticed some moron said the typical “magical underpants” comment. He/she is ignorant. Mormons do have some ceremonial underwear but that should never be a reason to make any assumption about them as people or about their beliefs.

They can believe what they want. The problem arises when they hide behind their religious beliefs to take away the civil rights from law-abiding, taxpaying, gay Americans. This is what they did in California when they spearheaded the Prop. 8 campaign and their members donated about $30 million to take away the civil rights of other Californians. When groups can vote to take away rights from other Americans, call it “love,” hide it behind their “religious beliefs” and call anyone who opposes them “intolerant,” it’s time to change our law to prevent this abuse of democracy.

Most of the people that think they’re so terrible, know nothing except rumors (and false ones at that) that they’ve heard spread around, and that they’ve heard on TV. Because Mormons are different, they are automatically labeled as wrong, stupid, and brainwashed.

Whenever you hear something that sounds completely ridiculous, it’s probably either skewed way out of proportion, or completely false. Don’t take it as truth just because some dolt on Yahoo Answers says it. Look it up for yourself, and see exactly what is the truth, before you make judgments. That’s the intelligent thing to do. www.lds.org Inform yourself. There’s a link on that site where you can instant-message with LDS missionaries and ask them any question you want.

The vast majority of those who mock, know next to nothing about the actual beliefs and practices associated with the LDS church. Those who do actually know what they’re talking about, have better things to do (like write books and stuff) than sit around on Yahoo Answers and say “MORMONS ARE STUPID”.

That’s my two cents.

Mormons are not bad.

Mormonism is what is bad.

Here’s the difference..



Pick a topic here..http://www.utlm.org/onlineresources/ldsl…

What kind of things your friend believe that you consider strange, its best to ask her to explain it to you.

You’ll going to get all kinds of answers, especially ignorant answers from those that do not like Mormons.
E.g. “magic underpants”, you’ll know that is totally illogical.

Mormons aren’t terrible or bad people they are just deceived by following a false prophet and his teachings.
I think it’s pretty nice that you as “Anti-Christ” by name would befriend anyone who believes in Christ.

Mormons don’t believe in the same Christ as the Biblical Christians do…they believe that satan and Jesus are brothers and that Joseph Smith (their leader) is the highest of all prophets.

Joseph Smith was never proven more than a false prophet and con man but because he was able to fool all these people into thinking that their religion was the elite (what they wanted to believe all along) Mormons still exist after his murder. (he was killed by some men that he owned money to) not exactly the noble story of a martyr.

Nothing really. Most people that don’t like the Mormon church, don’t like it because of thing that they’ve heard, that simply are not true.

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