Ex-JWs: what was your reason for leaving?

*Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Ex-JW’s, what was ‘the main reason’ at the end of the day, when you said you know what I don’t want to be a part of this religion anymore? What were your concerns?

BQ: Do you still believe in some of what they teach, or do you have other beliefs entirely now?

Honest answers are appreciated and a big thanks for opening up 🙂

I had had various doubts and feelings of unease about the teachings for a few years, but never wanted to challenge them or do any research etc. Mainly because the WTBTS discourages research from independent sources or from reading anything that closely examines or criticizes their beliefs.

My husband was disfellowshipped last year. We went through a bad period and nearly seperated as a result, he became very depressed and confused about his feelings for me, and started withdrawing from meetings, spending time with work colleagues, started smoking etc. I was still an active JW and knew I had to inform the elders my husband was smoking. I told him I would have to inform them, he said he didn’t care because he didn’t even know if he wanted to be a JW anymore. They visited us many times and he didn’t want to know. He didn’t even want to attend his judicial committee meeting, although he did in the end. They asked him what his intentions were; he said he didn’t know but if in the future he felt like smoking again he was going to.
So they disfellowshipped him, he didn’t give them a choice.

Afterwards I was devastated, I thought we were going to seperate anyway and I was heartbroken that he had turned his back on Jehovah and looked like he was going to turn his back on our marriage too. He was being a total jerk and hurting me badly every day by his words and actions.

I stopped attending meetings and withdrew from everyone, despite the efforts of the congregation I couldn’t face the idea of going alone and had had enough.
A few friends at work were telling me about the history of the religion one day and I decided to research it, and to find out for myself if I wanted to be in this religion or not once and for all.

I did some research and found out things I’d never known before, mainly about the failed predictions of Armageddon and also the history of how the Witnesses were first established.
When you’re raised in a religion from birth, and it’s all you’ve ever known, you don’t easily question things.

Whilst me and my husband are fine now (our marriage is back on track and we’re stronger then ever, communicating more and he tells me all the time he loves me and is sorry for what he did) he is still disfellowshipped with no intention of returning yet and I haven’t attended a meeting in over a year and am still feeling lost and confused.

My JW relatives and friends say it’s the truth and they miss me, and we should come back into the fold, and my non JW relatives and friends say “well done on getting out of the cult and thinking for yourself.”

The JWs say come back, non JWs say don’t go back. Each side has their own argument and persuasions.
I don’t know if I will ever return to the Witnesses or not. But if I do, I’ll make damn sure it’s because I’ve fully researched the teachings and am comfortable with them, and I truly believe it.

When I was in high school, we studied the Creation book at book study level. I found numberous errors in the book and when I asked the elders about it, pointing out the errors or misquotes etc, they never gave me an answer other than “the book is well researched and respected among many people in the scientiffic community.” Eventually, I brushed these douobts aside thinking that eventually it would be made clear to me as the old saying about “new light” goes.
As I got older, I found other things that just did not line up with everyday facts and noticed that they try very hard to control what I think because every time I point out an inaccuracy in a magazine or other publication, it would appear as though I was wrong for pointing this out.
I eventually stopped going to K.Hall when I realized that for evolution, archeology, linguists, geology etc to be true, the bible accounts of creation, floor, babylon must be wrong. Since I can test science and see the evidence and only faith is required to believe the bible, I chose logic and reason over faith.

Long after, I did more research and discovered “atrocities” done by witnesses like the infamous “Miracle Wheat,” “Beth Sarim,” changing of magazines in the boud volumes so that they don’t look like ‘predictions’ were made in error (a famous one is where a watchtower says armageddon will without doubt come before the end of the century (80’s article – e-mail me for exact articel as I can’t rememerb it off the top of my head) and the bound volumes change it to “soon”.

The point is, after I stopped ging to K. Hall I began to look at the WTBTS from an objective point of view and only then is where I saw all the things they do I cannot in good conscience be a part off and say that that organizartion is the truth.

I had prayed to the heavens – if there is a god, and you wanted me to know you, please reveal yourself and teach me about yourself – a JW “evangelist” came to my door 2 weeks after.

We had a couple of study sessions about creation etc which was not difficult to take in, until he taught that Jesus was not the son of God – that didn’t stick, and I struggled a lot with it. Later, I spoke to several people (Christians and Catholics) and felt more and more that something was not right – just a “sense”.

So I told the man not to come anymore as I didn’t subscribe to his believes. He was gently persistent – meaning to persuade me otherwise. I knew that I wasn’t ready for a big debate so I didn’t engage in one. That was 10 years ago. Looking back – God does answer when we ask him to teach us about himself. This is because he is interested in you knowing the truth. If he is not interested, …well it doesn’t matter after that right?

What the Watchtower organization teaches is the skin of the truth stuffed with a lie. Once a person begins to research the history of the Watchtower and it’s failed prophesies and flip-flop of doctrines they will begin to see the lies and deceptions. Real Truth is found only in Jesus Christ. The real Truth is that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour. The Watchtower cannot save anyone. It leads only to darkness and bondage.

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6

We are beseeched by God and wooed by the Holy Spirit to turn to Jesus Christ for Truth; and not some man-made organization. My prayers go out to Bar_Anerges who is in darkness now. May the light come on for him. May he seek the True Light of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I learned of the true character of CT Russel and JF Rutheford, and the corrrupt, hidden details surrounding the religion’s inception. Now I know why they say if you read any literature outside of WTBTS publications, you are proud and thinking independently, and the apostates will take over your reasoning. They just don’t want you really knowing the “truth” about their false religion. Oh yeah, also, as of 2002, there were 27, 320 names on the headquarter’s pedophile list of pedophiles within the congregations of the United States alone. The local congregations are not made aware of these names. Child sexual abuse is FAR more rampant in the Kingdom Halls than it is in the Catholic Church. They lie, they deceive, and people’s lives and family’s are ruined because of that – and sometimes people straight up die at the hands of the WTBTS. Look into the Mexico/Malawi scandal.

I left because the Elders Sided with my Nut case ex wife, Pride on my part really !

I did not look into what the Watchtower was about until years later…..

I don’t believe anything the Tower says..

They call me an Apostate because I turned from them…….

I turned to Jesus and the Bible, I love my Lord and Savior !

I was born and raised in the Jehovah Witness doctrine as I got older being a teen I started seeing certain things that just weren’t right. For one I had a bible teacher who always seem to focus on one thing which I rather not bring up here. I just kept quiet and being such a young age I didn’t know how to handle it.. but eventually I went to the elders but it seemed that they very much so wanted to cover up which they think is healing but it is indeed covering up the truth of what was going on within my own home.

I stuck with it until I too was revealed the truth by the spirit of Christ and my eyes began to open up to all the false teachings and doctrine as well as their interpretations of when they thought the time was going to end… I began to study more in depth using history books etc also knowing who the real Charles Tazel Russell was as well.. it all became clear. I didn’t act out in a bad manner ..instead I took my findings to the elders within the Clarendon kingdom hall in Brooklyn New York but was told that it just wasn’t my time yet..

I don’t understand what was meant by that but it surely didn’t stop me.. I know for sure Christ wants us to seek and find ..surely enough my questions began to bother the elders in the congregation who had decided to meet at my own home.. you think my questions were answered? No they were not.. instead they went off into other topics and question my association with “non believers” thinking that was an influence. I can go on and on to the many reasons why but too long to list here.

I don’t believe in what they teach anymore.. God gave his chosen a name already.. even the book of revelation states the names of the tribes of Israel and even Christ himself said he had come for no other but the lost sheep of Israel.. not once did he mention Jehovah Witnesses as being a name of his own people.

Thanks to the Most High for opening my eyes I have a whole different spirituality and have never felt so blessed in my life.. he reveals everyday the truth to me and has always been on my side.

I also find it a bit disturbing users have gotten a thumbs down for their own personal testimonies as well as their honest answers.. but at least they are no longer being led by the blind false teachers who are guiding others blindly to be removed from the promise given to his chosen on earth.

“Therefore the LORD will cut off from Israel head and tail, branch and rush, in one day. The ancient and honourable, he is the head; and the prophet that teacheth lies, he is the tail. For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.” Isa 9:14-16

M James Penton Phd. Emeritus Professor of History and Religious Studies from the University of Lethbridge, Canada, a prominent JW whose parents and grandparents and great grandparents were very involved in the religion gives these reasons for leaving:
1. They have consistently taught false prophecies since the beginning of their movement.
2. They claim that the light grows brighter and brighter. In fact they have changed doctrines back and forth many times. (go to site below for details)
3. The organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses has not always claimed to be Spirit directed. During Russell’s day, the pastor believed that he and the anointed remnant were the Church and were Spirit directed. But when Rutherford came to power, he argued that since Christ had come to the Temple in 1918 and was ruling, the Holy Spirit was no longer present with the remnant. Rutherford taught that he received messages or “lightening flashes in the Temple” from the thrones of Jehovah and Christ. Evidently “new truths” were delivered to him personally by angels. After he died, Knorr and Franz returned to teaching that Jehovah’s Witnesses were Spirit directed.
4. The Jehovah’s Witnesses have gone far beyond the Scriptures. Many of the rules they have developed have nothing to do with the Scriptures. The reporting of time in preaching, the creation of a hierarchical form of government, disfellowshipment for such things as smoking, celebrating Christmas and birthdays, many rules concerning what is and is not proper in the marriage bed, rules concerning voting, holding public office, etc
5. Through the Watch Tower Society and in numerous public statements, the leadership of the movement has often told outrageous lies. (details on page below)
6.The so-called judicial committees of Jehovah’s Witnesses do not operate on the basis of biblical principles where matters are open to ordinary persons as was the case in Israel and in the early Christian congregations. They follow the example of the Holy Office of the Inquisition and the Court of Star Chamber. Consequently, much injustice takes place before these bodies.
7. Watch Tower scholarship is puerile and often dishonest. It typically fails to give proper quotations for sources, quotes out of context, and puts forward ideas which are utterly bizarre.
8. Jehovah’s Witnesses ignore the clear biblical instructions in James and other parts of the New Testament to carry on works of love such as caring for widows, orphans, and their fellow humans. Placing Watchtower magazines at the doors does not feed empty bellies. In this sense Jehovah’s Witnesses have faith (as do the demons) but no works. They are “noisy gongs and clashing cymbals.
9.Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that they (at least all but the remnant) are saved through works rather than faith. Furthermore, they are told that only the remnant have Jesus Christ as their mediator. The vast majority are told that they should not partake of communion. Since they are told that they are not members of the body of Christ, are not born again, and are not Spirit directed (except through the remnant), where are they? Romans 8:9 (RSV) says: “Any one who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him.”
10. Jehovah’s Witnesses have become notorious for their roles in marriage breakdowns and in child custody cases. There are more JW child custody cases in the United States and Canada than all other religious child custody cases put together. Surely this says something about Jehovah’s Witnesses that is not particularly attractive

Loopy jw says “Most ex-JWs go on with their lives. Others come on Y!A to vent their indignation of being expelled from the congregation and hold a grudge.”

I challenge this poster to prove that any expelled jw on YA has expressed indignation for being expelled. Prove your accusation.

On the contrary most ex-JW like myself, endeavor to show the false doctrines, to show the tremendous damage this cult has done to families and friends.

grudge (plural grudges)

1.(countable) Deep-seated animosity or ill-feeling about something or someone.
to hold a grudge against someone
to have a grudge against someone
to bear a grudge against someone

Loopy did in fact nail it with that word. Without exception all the ex-JW I have met in real life and in cyberspace have DEEP SEATED ill-feeling about the time they were imprisoned in the cult. They have every reason to have such feeling.

Irrespective of the reason for being disfellowshipped, it is the resultant loss of life long family and friends that make for deep seated grudges. The tearing apart of family and family love, has caused many shunned ex-Jw to seek solace in suicide.

Those of us who see what this man made organization is and have had the strength to move on are able to share our experiences with newly shunned or disfellowshipped and thereby actually help save lives not destroy them as the cult does on a daily basis.

So you can go ahead in a brief sentence and dismiss ex-Jw’s as being without merit, but you just cement the conclusion we all have had to face. That the active Jehovah’s Witness is bound up in an insidious religious cult bent on complete control of it’s members.

Members like loopy showing utter disdain for fellow human beings, because they no longer agree with her religious leaders.

The usual reason is because of ill conduct that Jehovah’s Witnesses deem unacceptable often illicit sex/relationships/dishonesty related.

Most ex-JWs go on with their lives. Others come on Y!A to vent their indignation of being expelled from the congregation and hold a grudge.

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