Does &quot:Support Our Troops&quot: equal the same as &quot:Support The War&quot:?

We hear different stories on the news regarding the morale and the wishes of our troops in Iraq. John Mcain stated that the troops want the chance to stay there in Iraq so they can win.
At the same time, Rep. presidential candidate Ron Paul has received more campaign contributions from military personal than any other candidate. With Paul’s stance being to leave Iraq immediately, this implies that a large number of our troops support a candidate that wants the opposite of staying the course.
With that, if, as a whole, our military personal are supporting a candidate who wants to pull out of Iraq instead of staying, we can conclude that our troops (not the military brass, but our family members and friends who’s lives are actually in danger over there) would rather come home.
If thats the case, wouldn’t the slogan Let Us Win and the decision to stay in Iraq be the OPPOSITE of Supporting Our Troops, because our troops actually want to come home?

Absolutely not.


People that TRULY support the troops would NEVER have sent them to iraq under-manned, under-equipped and without an exit strategy like bush did.

You cant say they want to all come home because not all of them do. Yes some want to stay and “win”, but im sure there are those who are sick of it as most people and want it over. I personally support the troops but despise the war so no they are not the same…

NO… thats why people are against our troops. They are anti-war and then in turn are anti-troops. Dont make that mistake. Those men and women are just like you and me, or our family, or the neighbors family, or our college buddies. They are doing their job and its a dangerous one that has gotten us to where we are now. Even if its a place that most disagree with, I wouldnt want to live anywhere else.



Support our “FAMILY”

My mom is a vegeterian and my father in law is a meat cutter. Mom would NEVER tell my father in law “I support your job but I dont support you hacking up dead animals for other people to eat”.

You can’t have it both ways. Either you support the soldiers and what they are doing, or you don’t.These men and women volunteered to do their jobs. If you just want the soldiers to come home so they won’t be killed anymore, then you are not supporting their mission.

No it doesnt mean u support the war just bc you support our troops. We have people we know over there

support whatever you want
for me it means supporting the troops no matter what that means in there war against terror
so support the troops means you support there mission and jobs


You can support the troops and not support the war. The troops are being loyal and following orders, so it’s easy to support them but not support the cause.

No. Would you support the troops if we weren’t at war?

Don’t listen to politicians. They are only saying what ever will get them votes.

I don’t think it means the same thing because supporting our troops is like sending them gifts and donating things..and supporting the war to me means like engouraging it..this is just my opinion and thoughts on it

The troops want to come home, but they want to come home winners. So let them do their job and support their them AND the job they are doing.

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