Do you think the United States is really going to withdraw from Afghanistan in July 2011?

Here’s how Ackerman began his report: “Anyone who thinks the United States is really going to withdraw from Afghanistan in July 2011 needs to come to this giant air base an hour away from Kabul. There’s construction everywhere. It’s exactly what you wouldn’t expect from a transient presence.” The old Russian base, long a hub for U.S. military (and imprisonment) activities in that country is now, as he describes it, a giant construction site and its main drag, Disney Drive, a massive traffic pile-up. (“If the Navy could figure out a way to bring a littoral-combat ship to a landlocked country, it would idle on Disney.”) Its flight line is packed with planes — “C-17s, Predators, F-16s, F-15s, MC-12 passenger planes” — and Bagram, he concludes, “is starting to feel like a dynamic exurb before the housing bubble burst.”

Read the history of almost any country the US has ever had troops in, and only in rare cases do we ever pull our completely.
This is to say that especially in this region as Israel need us in a position to give immediate aid in case they decide to invade or bomb another nation, and it also gives them an emergency landing area. This includes Iraq, as we will still have over 50k troops left after the so-called pull out

I never thought for a minute that the US would withdraw from Iraq or Afghanistan. They have built their own walled city in Iraq, and from your question, I see they are doing the same in Afghanistan.
US policy is to expand and conquer as much of the world as possible. The politicians will announce a withdrawal to keep the voters happy, but meanwhile the empire building continues.

The U.S. isn’t leaving Afghanistan anytime soon. They may be there in some capacity for 50 years or more. Until terrorists stop using it and Pakistan as a base of operations the U.S. will be there.

-I don’t know WHAT We’re gonna Do about Afghanistan… We’re Fools if We DO, & Idiots if We Don’t get out ! And the ONLY One I can think of To Blame for this whole Mess- is the “Decider” who got Us into It in the FIRST Place !!! 🙁

If we withdraw our troops it could be the worse thing we ever did. And then to “give away” a date of withdrawal, boy, are we not too bright or what?

Careful, careful one and all.

Many, many people everywhere today grouse about how Obama’s administering to the nation falls short, the reverse of which habits by other presidents had heretofore administered in one way — and one way only. These same people hold that Obama speaks and carries inconsistently, but they fail to see by virtue of their own race-centered blindness that in fact he is quite consistent indeed, though his consistency is founded on a much broader frame not immediate to the assumptions of living and thinking as presumed by the typical American, who has hitherto thought a presidency should be of a certain mindset — a Caucasian one — and who have taken for granted that all share in the views on just what America is and must be. We Americans fail to see just how extensive we have taken for granted the strictest of definition and assumptions, not realizing a large set of millions of people do not share in these views. How could the minority have shared the views that they were never allowed to be part of? That expression now sets in the Oval Office — one long wait of 230 years.

For example, this man Ackerman that you quote proves his own mis-read about Obama and as quickly affirms his unconscious awareness yet contradiction at once, that the upsurge “is starting to feel like a dynamic exurb before the housing bubble burst.” ‘Sound familiar? What contradiction! Is this not the way of America — duplicitous, double-minded, and torn, what some would go so far as to call schizophrenic? A like appearance as this bubble burst is the selfsame appearance that duped not few prospective homeowners, thus this same will catch many proponents of the war off guard here in America and in Afghanistan. Let us realize this. Obama has accommodated the majority race’s mindset over the course of his first 18 months in office, and we can supposed he feels he had to, though many who voted for him — white and black people — feel he had no cause to if his intention and line were in fact to make true change. Rest assured, this is occurring, if not in the manner that many “Americans” suspect or ‘expect’, hence their mockery of what he does. But such is tactics, too. Bear in mind that Obama is a highly skilled thinker, adept at devising and understanding philosophical turns — his and others’ — and with all the ironies that come with that.

Rest assured that the troops ‘will’ be verily withdrawn as stated. Yet, what many have not awakened to is, Obama aside from being non-Caucasian and shares only in a few Caucasian assumptions as would anyone have-to who has been reared in America, — that is, if they should have expected at first to survive with any measure of dignity — he otherwise does not share with the Dominant imperative, and bears little of the selfsame sensibilities nor shares the same take on “Mother, Home, and Apple pie,” thus is thought “un-American” in all his proportions, especially by “moderate” and radical [white]conservatives; hence, the Tea Partyers — who have no true clue about what he intends and are wholly disconnected to what really ensues, but which Obama’s strategy in fact works to ‘their’ advantages, not against them. But they are hard-hearted, viscious and mean, whose racist underpinnings have overwhelmed their brighter angels.

That Obama is a black man lets on more than just the mere veneer of skin color. While there may exist more similarities in human beings than differences, let us not overlook that differences can prove profound; and unfortunately American people have never had before to truly and deeply contemplate these differences such that they required looking to another point of view about life itself. What too many take for granted is this. For many people reared in America, the name of the country was always prefaced by a whole other meaning, that implies ours is the ‘United States of [white] America, in which Obama and other cultures of color had not been allowed all the privilege to share with in any part nor could ever assume that they could.

And this remark might come off as harsh, a hard pill to swallow, but such is true. And we simply cannot measure Obama by the same measures as we have other presidents over the past 230 years, nor should he feel compelled to appease anyone in this wise. Is this bad? — no, absolutely not. It is simply different, it is new.

Of course not, they found minerals worth lotsa money. They will re-name combat troops, call them support troops, peacekeepers or trainers. Those cute little Afghans still need us, they want us there untill we extract every usable mineral. Only then will we call them free.

No and when we will withdraw the Russian Ultranationalists will take over

if not there will a lot of more unnecessary deaths


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