Do you think the Jewish people are being deceived most in this election by Obama?

Considering Obama s mentor is Rev. Wright, and Rev. Wright s long time good friend is well known anti-semite Lous Fararakan. Should the Jewish people be concerned?

I have never understood why Jews typically vote for dems, when it is the democratic party who wants to pull support for Israel, and dems are certainly more often anti-Semite than reps, but the Jews somehow blindly follow dems.

tickled blue…stop spinning and lying. That was a pastor who endorsed John McCain, NOT HIS PASTOR, and the minute McCain heard those words, he denounced the pastor and his comments. Unlike Obama who waited until Wright threw HIM under the bus before he would say anything bad about Wright.

zanada….Obama said that Wright had been his mentor, and followed him until Wright threw him under the bus. Obama stood by Wright even after his anti-American, racist comments were brought out in the public eye. He was his pastor, his friend, his mentor.

I think everyone is being deceived by Obama. I look at Obama like the boy bands or the Millie Vanillies of the Music Industry. They find a democratic ,”decent looking” , light skinned, black candidate with the gap dressed all american looking family that we know little or nothing about that they can get elected! Well that right there should make you ask questions. Anything that looks that looks that phony – usually is. Look at the Clinton’s and all their skeletons!!

No I don’t think the Jewish people would be deceived. Rev. Wright is not Obama’s mentor. Obama doesn’t even go to Wright’s church any more. If you keep watch FOX News (or Fixed News), you are only deceiving yourself. Get your facts straight. Go to

Wow, this perfect submit has already been accomplished and debunked. supply up copying chain emails devoid of looking into them. The anti christ isn’t suggested in revelation. that’s the beast suggested it incredibly is theory to be the antichrist suggested previously interior the hot testomony. provided that there grew to become into no Muslim faith on the time of the writing of revelation, it does no longer mean muslim. It incredibly claims he could be of roman descent. And FYI, that still does no longer recommend white, persay, in case you base on historic fact. And that’s no longer christ-like attraction that it states, the two. he will have powers, endowed by devil, to cajole human beings his is the messiah. he will carry out miracles in his call. in case you % to base it on what’s left, deceiving countries with persuasive languages, human beings flocking to him and him promising fake wish and international peace, according to danger we are actually on the verge of our thirtieth(?) anti-christ. after all, you defined in basic terms approximately each and every baby-kisser. you’re giving republicans a undesirable call. you’re doing a ways worse for christianity. do no longer further the lack of understanding human beings, learn what you’re saying. do no longer in straightforward terms say it for the objective of being an area filler.

Obama seems to be an automaton saying either whatever is on the teleprompter or making a mess of it when the pages run out. He has enough charisma to deceive but little substance.

Yes just like Sammy Davis Jr. did when he wanted to marry a white girl

Obama’s trying, but I don’t know of any folks of Jewish background that are buying his pro-Muslim stance. For the record, I’m Presbyterian.

Other Americans have just as much to lose.

No more worried then we should all be for Palin having a witch doctor pray over her.

Yes, Jewish people and everyone should be concerned.

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