Crazy Christian beliefs?

Ok not sure if this is the typical Christian but these are the beliefs of some Christian guy I met on here, its no joke:

– Everyone on earth has or will hear of the gospels in their lifetime and will have the decision to choose Jesus (the gospels say something about everyone will hear the message apparently)

– Everyone must believe in Jesus to go to heaven

– Babies who die at birth or at a young age will be judged by god on foreknowledge of what they would have chosen had they lived on, so basically God would send a newly born innocent baby to hell for eternity because of what they would of chosen had they lived on.

I asked this guy about mentally disabled people and he said they too will have the choice, which is crazy considering the amount of people who can barely even make the decision to speak let alone to choose Jesus. I find his beliefs illogical and don’t make sense: do they really match a loving powerful merciful god?

my grandma on my father side died without hearing the gospel.

Ok that guy you talked to is seriously off his rocker, God does not judge a baby or young child because they have no knowledge of good or evil and so they are given instant access into Heaven.

Yes, You must believe that Jesus came and died for your sins, and accept Him, and ask Him to forgive you for everything you ever did wrong, or ever will do wrong.

And No, not everyone will necessarily hear the Gospel during their lifetime, but if they never heard of Jesus, or God, and the Bible then I’m pretty sure that in someway God gives them a chance to accept Him. The Bible does say somewhere (can’t remember off the top of me head) that everyone will hear the Gospel at some point, not necessarily during their earthly lifetime.

Hope this helped,
God Bless

I will take your statements one by one.

1) Not everyone has heard the gospel. This is obvious. However this is dealt with in Romans. Basically it states that if someone has never heard the gospel or never knew the law then they cannot be judged by it. This is because God is just. He would not judge you by something you did not know.

2) Yes Christ is the only way (see sort of exception above).

3) Babies who die go straight to heaven. Until one reaches the age of accountability they are not held liable for sins. Thus a baby would go to heaven.

4) Disable people, especially those who are basically children in mind, will go to heaven I believe. If they do not have the capability to choose then why would God punish them.

You have to understand that not everyone who claims to be a Christian on here is. And even those who actually are sometimes do not know the scripture.

The problem with listening to people that don’t use the bible to support their beliefs is just what has happened to you.
To take the scriptures and expound upon them with truth makes the truth shine out and also exposes the misunderstanding that people have when they lean on their own understandings.
The bible says that all scripture is inspired of God . 2 Timothy 3:16,17. So then its logical to expect that the scriptures will expose the truth and the misconceptions or misunderstandings.
For example Jesus said that the meek would inherit the earth Mathew 5:5, and the reason he said this is because he knew what his father promised at Psalms 37:9-11,29.

baby’s and small children who die at birth or when young will have a resurrection and will have the same opportunity at everlasting life that all people will have who have died in times past. Acts 24:15

I asked this guy about mentally disabled people and he said they too will have the choice, which is crazy considering the amount of people who can barely even make the decision to speak let alone to choose Jesus. I find his beliefs illogical and don’t make sense; do they really match a loving powerful merciful god?

The person you asked was evidently young in the Word of God.

Those who are handicapped, not able to rationalize, are as children and will be judged as children Since they cannot comprehend, how could they be held accountable.

God is a God of love. He knows that these who cannot understand the law will not be able to abide by the law because of lack of understanding. So they would not be held under the yoke of the law since they do not understand what it is to break the law and sin.

I don’t think that he is accurate in what he is saying as far as what the Bible teaches, but the Bible does indicated that all have heardin their descendants. Since originally all people, Noah and his family, knew God, somewhere down that line someone rejected God and the truth and thus started a race of people who did not know God. The Bible is very clear that the decisions we make, temporal and eternal, will have a definate effect on generations to come. So in that sence he is right, although I don’t believe every individual on earth has heard the message.

I believe that you are correct. I don’t know where you got your information or where you sources got theirs.

The only way to find the answers is to go to God’s written Word, the Bible. Here are some sources for looking up your questions in the Bible.

My belief and understand is that although we are to go into all of the world with the gospel of Christ, there will still be some who have not heard it. Jesus died for them and there is God’s grace to cover them.

Everyone will not believe in Jesus. There are babies who are too young to understand, mentally incapable persons, and those who have never heard about Him. For these people Jesus died just the same as for those who know and accept Him and God’s grace will cover them. We are all born with the sin nature and we all need redemption.

Jesus’ willful sacrifice to take the place of our sins, is the reason that we get to go to Heaven, because of what He did for us. We can’t be good enough or religious enough to make it ourselves. Nor can we rule anyone out. That is God’s decision not ours.

God has told us in the Bible that those who deny His Son, Jesus will not be forgiven. Not my crazy belief but, God’s truth.

Nope, he’s got it all wrong. Many Christians view faith as a gift from God, and you have free will to accept or reject.

Babies souls are innocent. They go straight to heaven.

Some Christians do believe that you MUST believe in Jesus to go to heaven, but as with everything there is a range of opinions. Some believe that if your acts in life are good, and loving and just, then it doesn’t matter what faith you are (if any), then you will find peace in eternity.

Sadly there are extremists in every faith or non-faith (i have met lots of very devout atheists!). It would be great if the world were a tolerant place.

I am a Christian, and have been for 38 years (31 of that in the Ministry) and as for the statements that guy made to you let me assure you he is seriously wrong. Also I commend you for realizing that he was probably wrong and bringing it up here. I have a saying to share though in his defense, “I am a Christian, but I am also human, because I am human I sometimes fail to reflect Christ in my life. If I do tell me and we will both be richer for it.” If he had that attitude he would I believe be a better person.
May the Lord Bless you, in Jesus Name.

Rev. Robert M. Paris, Dmin., Fire Department Chaplain
I never use the full title here but somehow it seemed appropriate.

I agree with Brock C. just be a good person. in fact, if you just go out of your way to make one person happy every day then you’ve done your life’s work. there is no heaven or hell, thats ridiculous. no one will judge you at the end of all things. you know why? because there will not be an end to all things. there will be an end to the human reality, and we cant comprehend anything else. how does one simply ‘be”? or just cease to exist? we cant comprehend it, because we cannot see it. in the end, what religion is all about is being good to people anyway. some people need religion to have a reason to be good, others dont. doesnt matter. insulting or trying to convert is just dumb. let that guy believe what he wants as long as he lives according to his own morals that are at least somewhat close to being a good person.

This person obviously has some problems. The last two are NOT right. Most christians do not think that.

the “Everyone must believe in Jesus to go to heaven” isn’t true because you don’t just have to “believe” in Jesus to go to heaven, you have to be “born again”. (know that your a sinner and ask God to forgive your sins and to come into your life.)

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