Civil war or Revolutionary war in Libya?

CNN reports that Libya is going into Civil war,
But my 8 years old kids said it looks for him a Revolutionary war since Rebel force against a tyrant.
Which should we describe the present Libya situation Civil war or Revolutionary war?
And one more my stupid Question, what is the difference between Civil war or Revolutionary war eventually?

At the moment it is a revolutionary war as it is mainly rebels against the government.

The fact that the leader of the government is a tyrant and a complete fruit and nut case matters not a jot!

A civil war pits even those within a family against each other.

It’s both a Revolutionary and a Civil War.

It started as largely peaceful protests against Gaddafi’s regime, but rapidly escalated into violent protests and now armed conflict. The people want change, so in that respect it is revolutionary. But, it has now escalated into open armed conflict between rebels (the revolutionary element) and government forces and armed civilian (militia) supporters of Gaddafi. Libyan civilians vs Libyan civilians and Libyan civilians vs Libyan government forces. It’s a Civil War alright, and in the name of political revolution.

The only way to differentiate the two would be to look at the situation before conflict begins. As an example, Gaddafi has oppressively ruled Libya, just like Mubarak of Egypt and others in Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The people are now tired and have demanded change, a revolution, and in some areas, like Libya, this has resulted in a violent attempt at revolution. Because it is Libyans vs Libyans, it is also a civil war, so it’s a revolutionary civil war, a civil war to change things.

Now, a common example of what a plain old civil war is would be the events that largely plagued Africa during the end of colonialism. In most African countries, the exit of European colonial powers left a power vacuum, whereby no one had been groomed or nurtured into government, and the result was almost always a violent civil war between various groups within the newly independent countries attempting to establish their authority. This is just a civil war as no existing way of running things had yet been established, so there is no revolution, only a civil war for control.

It’s a Civil War, billowing out into major regional conflict.

This is only the beginning of massive unrest in the M. East
and North Africa, eventually effecting Europe and of course
the price at the pump.

Today is was reported that Saudi Arabia was firing on protesters;
this is a HUGE story, as Saudi Arabia is the Big One to

The only way to stabilize the area is to let them alone. We gotta get outta the world-protector business. If we end up supporting all these uprisings we’ll end up with a league of Iran-like nations. Those rebels won’t install a pro-western government, their religion will end up forcing radical Islam on them.

The country has been run by the Assad family since the 1960s. The Assads are Shia Muslim (Alawite). They don’t run it in such a way to have the support of other segments of the population. The rebels want to overthrow Assad and have a new type of government. What exactly, I don’t know.

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