buying a used bmw?

im looking into buying a mid-late 90s bmw. i really dont want to spend more than $7500 for the total cost of the car. im only planning to use it for 2-3 years and then give it to my brother when i go to college. i was wondering if it would be better to spend most of the $7500 on the car itself or instead purchase one for less and budget the leftover cash for the inevitable repairs.

Go for your dreams. There are always more economical solutions including the bus.
Agree with 1st Answerer that the 3 series is more reliable. Being a smaller car it should have lower repair costs.
Better set aside something for repairs as Beemers can be high maintenance after a certain age

Well, BMWs do cost more to repair, the higher end models like the 5 and 7 series do cost much more to repair than a 3 series. I know some people that had a 5 series and they had to pay a good amount to fix it and they all had 2000-2002 models.

I generally recommend staying away from used BMWs, but if you really want one, then you should definately get a 3 series. I also know some people with 3 series and I havent heard them have any problems (besides the small ones like the windows got stuck or something) and dont get a Kia (like some others suggested) because Kias are unreliable and have a lot of problems…..doesnt matter if they are new or used

I would buy it w/an extended warranty. What used car does not need repairs every now and then? BMW’s are a little more expensive to maintain but so what. They are well worth it. I just bought a used 328i and I’m loving it. Oil changes will be a little higher but you drive longer before the next service. Unfortunately I live in the city and it sucks driving in traffic when the BMW was obviously built for the autobahn…..

Why don’t you put that money toward a better, newer used car? There are some base model Kia’s starting at around 9K, so why would you want to take your chance on an older BMW? I just think that you need to prioritize what is most important. A dependable economy car is better than an old BMW that you buy just because of the name.

Try getting one for less and budget the cash for repairs. Also, if it has to be a BMW, go with the 3 series. For some reason the higher the class BMW, the less reliable they are- and the more expensive to repair. A 3 series (M3 included)is pretty reliable.

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I think instead of buying a USED bmw…get a b rand new car such as a kia or a ford taurus…..kias can start at like 5500 and a taurus start at about 7500 BRAND NEW! Look into them both…hope this helps

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