Barack Obama, 2012 President?

Hi, I’m just wondering, as many people have found out Barack Obama has islamic roots, I hear many ‘racists’ wont elect him to continue on as president, I just want to know, what some americans out here, (im british btw) think about Barack Obama, in overall! along with the good things he’s done!

we the people knew he had islamic roots
and still voted for him in 2008
he is an excellent campaigner
and even the people of europe thought he was great
he won the nobel peace prize for being in office 2 weeks
and he is close to being elected again
for the life of me
I don’t know how he can fool so many people

Remember voters, if they vote for the reelection of Obama in the next 4 years, a magistrate of the Supreme Court, is removed and if Obama is the president, appoint, even leftist, and have the majority against this country prinsipios , and will not be very good for our, freedoms

I am voting for Mitt because he is a decent and Christian man who…. Knows a heck of a lot more about leadership and organizational structure than Obama. NOT TO MENTION – economics, IE – getting this country moving again! Romney/Ryan “12”

Obama has not done anything good for the US. I won’t vote for him. I did not vote for him the first time. He is wrecking our economy with his socialist policies. His administration is covering up the murders in Benghazi, Libya. He is stonewalling Congress on the Fast and Furious crimes, where US agents allowed guns to be sold and delivered to gangs in Mexico. Hundreds of people have been killed with some of those guns.

I don’t accept any racist remarks. Obama is one half white. He only looks all black.

All he has done is divide my country… bow down and make the U.S.A. look weak :\
p.s. He’s one and done…along with his Obamanatorcare $$TAX us ALL into Insurance chao$.
Nothing is ever free…when given out by a government that does the handing out.

Your premise is false. The President is not Islamic.
“im british”

I am voting for OBAMA and here are some of the reasons why: Romney is not paying an equally proportional amount of his taxes than the general public. 47% of the people Romney is disparaging are families with three children who earn less than $55,000 per year. The number also includes my 82 year old mother who has paid into social security for more than 60 years. It includes my nephew who did a number of tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why didn’t Romney mention that his parents were supported by welfare for a short time. Why didn’t he mention the 26,000+ millionaire Americans who receive benefits because their tax returns show little or no income? Why didn’t Romney bring up our country’s major corporations who are able to maneuver tax forgiveness and other economic benefits while taxpayers pick up the gap… There are 240 corporations including ExxonMobil and AT&t that have received $227 TRILLION dollars of tax abatements. In the meantime, those companies have not offered us any breaks on cheap oil or better telephone service and their head personnel receive mind boggling salaries and bonuses.

As for healthcare let’s keep in mind that Romneycare was his idea when he was governor of Massachusetts. Today he states he is against it and has made the suggestion that people who are poor can call an ambulance and be treated at hospitals. Is he aware that these services are supported by our tax dollars? Additionally the burden on hospitals for non-emergency care is resulting in many hospitals in most areas closing for lack of funding.

Romney is at the hands of big corporate money and individuals who back him only after their preferred candidates imploded during the primaries. Now that he is running for President he denied he was ever for any of the convictions he stood for not long ago. Currently he talks about a plan to establish a plan to plan for a plan to motivate the planning of a strategy for a plan. Some people are going to state his record as Governor of Massachusetts which he led when our economy was steaming ahead; today he pretends he never endorsed the policies which he put forth because they are not endorsed by those who fund his campaign. He has no principles. Additionally he keeps talking about deploying our troops every time there is a diplomatic hiccup overseas. In the meantime he squirrels his money away in other countries so he is not paying his share to support our troops.

He’s not a man; he’s a commercial. He speaks about a plan but he has never provided any concrete information. Some people believe that because he is a businessman he will have been knowledge to fix our economy. But one of the most successful businessman – Herbert Hoover – led our country into the Great Depression, and it was the confidence and the intelligence of a Democratic President that helped recover our economy. Another President with an MBA burned through our budget surplus and left our country in taters and at war. The debt growth while he was governor was during different economic times. There has been a worldwide economic crisis since 2008. Unemployment with our European allies hovers at 20-25%. There are parents who are giving up their children to orphanages because they can no longer afford to care for them. We are fortunate that our economy is somewhat stable in these dire times. We are now at 8.1%. When Reagan was President, his unemployment figures always hovered between 7.1% and 7.4%. One in every six Americans is now living in poverty and these numbers will only grow. According to Romney’s plan, the Middle Class will be saddled with $2,000 more in taxes but the upper echelon who earn $3,000,000 or more will see a reduction of $250,000 in theirs.

I also feel Romney will endanger our foreign policies. He travelled to Europe and to Israel this summer and was able to infuriate one of our biggest allies and made a comment about Jewish people that was both rude to the Jewish people and to their Arab neighbors. He has stated that he is ready to go to war – but to what avail. So far, Obama saved our troops from Libya and Syria. Considering the difficulties we are now experiencing overseas with the video debacle it is vital to have a President who can make our case and not make another war.

I am voting for the best candidate: President Obama. I am confident that our economy is improving. I am confident about his decisions regarding our foreign policies. I am confident he wants to leave a positive legacy for his children and mine.

has done nothing good obamacare we hate it
he armed rebels in libya who killed our ambassador and congress is investigating

obama is a racist
quotes from obama’s book

More from “Dreams of My Father,” B. Hussein writes: “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.

In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

Obama saying in his book “Dreams from my Father” that White folks’ greed runs a world in need. Obama quoted his favorite reverend, Jeremiah Wright

I think he’s the anti-christ. Romney 2012

Obama has been a freekin Joke for America. If we are to survive as a nation he must be defeated.

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