Are there any teens who actually LIKE to read books?

Er, I do.

I’m reading House of Night Novels at the moment.

Absolutely! My generation isn’t particularilly intersted sometimes. While others are OBSESSED with ‘Twilight.” I love to read, and I’m going into grade ten. Some people think it’s a waste of time, but I don’t think so. If a book is boring, I’ll kind of trail off and get distracted. It’s at times like that that I find myself staring at facebook or the t.v., waiting for something eventful to happen. Reading is much more productive though. Hope that helped 🙂

I was at the library on Monday and there were several teens sitting there reading books, yes, actually reading

I’m not a teen, but when I was, I used to love to read books. Come to think of it, even before I was a teen I used to love it.

: )

Yeah, yet no longer all that oftentimes whether it somewhat is no longer for college. i will provide you a concept of what number books I study for college the previous for years and how many i’ve got study for relaxing. for college: Watership Down Uncle Tom’s Cabin The Giver All Quiet on the Western front issues cave in crimson headband lady Animal Farm Fahrenheit 451 the forged Earth The Crucible Miracle worker Our city The Odyssey The Moon is Down issues i’ve got study for relaxing: The Outsiders the gorgeous Little Liars sequence costly John The final music Gossamer Leaving Paradise some different trashy/short books

I LOVE to read books. When I’m at barnes and noble I buy at least 8 books and read them all in 3 days.

Lol it depends on the personality or something, i rarely read books now im grown into a teen lol

Oh yeah, I love to read anything at all.
You know those great big thick books about bands, and stuff? Like no one EVER buys them?
Well I love to read those, I have The Beatle one right now, and can just read them over and over.
I like to read anything mostly. Accept History, I like Band History, and stuff but not actuall History.

I’m 17 and to be honest I’d rather sir with hot chocolate and a book than watch tv… But I take time out to use the internet :0

I love books, I just don’t have much time to read them during the school year =/

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