A question to atheists, ex-Christians/Muslims/Jews.?

I want to know the mind process that led you from Christianity/Islam/Judaism to atheism.
For example, you can explain why science doesn t agree with religion or state that you just don t believe there is God.

What were your thoughts just before you change beliefs?
And how did it affect your pschycological situation? Are you feeling any better now or you keep being miserable some days? Doesn t anyone thinks something is missing from his/her soul?

Belief is a general term. You might say you don t believe because there is no proof that God exists. Well, there is not, and there will be not for a long time, maybe forever. But take this into consideration, it s a small fact: there are two persons, A and B and an open door. Person B can see that the door is open, but A cannot. So B tells A that the door is open and he will probably believe him, because he trusts him. But he may not. So in this case, A goes for humans and B for the holy texts, whereas the open door is for God.

I wanted to share my thoughts with you, you don t have to answer all of these.

I was a Christian, now an agnostic atheist (I don’t say god(s) don’t exist, but I see no valid reason to believe they do).

I Believed in Jesus, but wanted to actually be certain I understood which Christian path seemed right. I wanted my reasons to be able to hold up against argument. I studied the Bible, and started reading up on other religions, and their texts. The more I read, the less sense things made.

Example: I agree with the theory of evolution, but that means the story of Adam and Eve was only allegory, not fact. If Genesis is Allegory, what purpose did God have for sending Jesus to earth in the first place? Beyond that, the story says their sin was eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If that is true, shouldn’t we as humans, agree on what is good or evil, regardless of religious beliefs?

I reached a point in my studies, where I connected the pieces, and religions didn’t hold up to scrutiny. It was a great moment but, that was followed with a sense of loss. It took me a while to come to terms with my conclusion. It was easy to accept agnosticism, but atheism seemed a harder pill to swallow.

After talking with a few other non-believers, I became much more comfortable with things like no after-life. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I could be moral for the sake of my own values, and not for fear of punishment. I could appreciate what this life has to offer, to the fullest, since there’s no guarantee of another one. I don’t have to fear what awaits me at death, just accept that it will happen one day, just as it does for all living things. There’s a sort of beauty in that.

The fact that we don’t believe in God, doesn’t mean we are glad there is no God. It’s just that we can’t believe in a myth, just like we can’t believe in Santa, even though we’d like him to exist.

As for the process, it doesn’t happen over night. If you open your mind, and you seek information, you’ll find the truth.

I half some sort of belief but not a typical christian, My belief is in supporting people after they die and wishing in their peacefull rest.

However I believe that religion is a comfort for death.

Many hundreds of years ago people would of been affraid of what happened to them after life so creating religions telling people to behave in society have kept people in place.

Does any religion tell you where you came from? Christianity doesn’t.

Hope this helps.

Well, for one, I read the Bible.
That alone was enough.
But I also saw the horrible things that go on in this world, and I decided that if there really is an almighty god/s he does not deserve my respect or worship.
Many things and instances led me to stop believing, but the bible was the main one.

I didnt change my religion.. i was born with common sense

“why science doesn’t agree with religion”
The short answer is that science deals in facts;
Religion deals with sentimental nonsense and FEAR.

That’s deep. Too deep for me. Nice.

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