Yorkie Puppies?

So, I have been real interested in getting a yorkie puppy. I’ve checked out prices the past few months too. At this pet store they are selling them for 1800 and they’re young. I know the prices go up for the holidays but I was wondering when (about) do they shoot up and go down. I just want to figure out when I should have the money by.

Never, ever, buy from a pet store.


Buy from a reputable breeder, or rescue one.
To find a breeder, who won’t scam you, go through the AKC. They can provide you with a list of breeders near you. As for how much you should save, just start saving. After all you research is done in finding the right pup, you’ll have enough.


WHOA!!! $1800 for a yorkie?? I know they are cute, but my god! I have a yorkie. I paid $350 for him… and he has papers. I would suggest that you shop around a little bit more. I found a local woman that owned a yorkie and bred her male dog with her mother’s two females. I got to meet the parents and see the situation the pups and dogs grew up in. And I didnt have to pay anything until I picked the pup up, so I knew I wouldnt get taken. I cant even imagine paying that much for a dog. If that’s not enough, the shots and vet bills are enough to make a person scream.

I got my dog on Christmas eve last year. I know that the lady I got him from bred that litter so that they would be ready (8 weeks old) for Christmas, as I’m sure more reputable breeders do as well.

Good luck finding a great new friend!!

Run far, far, far away from any pet store. Don’t give your money to them. In addition to purchasing a sickly animal with questionable genetics….you’re paying an incredible mark-up.

The dog usually changes hands twice before it ends up in a pet shop. Breeders breed the dogs, and sell them to brokers. The broker typically pays no more than 150-300 dollars for a puppy. The more uncommon the breed, the higher the broker’s price. The broker then turns around and sells the puppy to the pet store for an increased price….say the broker got that Yorkie for $250….he sells it to the pet shop for $750. The pet shop turns around and sells it for whatever ridiculous amount they think they can con people into paying.

Some gigantic mega-kennels (Hunte, Lambriar, etc) do their own brokering and sell direct to the pet stores, and of course they rake in this massive profit all by themselves. They even have their own small fleet of tractor-trailers that they use to make deliveries to pet stores (i’m NOT kidding- I am a commercial truck driver and I have seen it, and the puppies ride in a trailer not much different than my own, a refrigerated trailer where they’re hauled around much like houseplants or apples), so they save money on transportation costs.

Visit the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America (www.ytca.org) and contact a member breeder. Chances are, you can afford to buy a puppy from a quality breeder right now- the prices for a healthy pet puppy are always more reasonable than any pet store, and you’ve got the backing of a breeder who cares about the health and quality of his/her puppies.

If you want to save even more money- and save a life in the process, contact Yorkie Rescue. There is a link to Rescue on the breed club’s page. Or go to www.petfinder.com and search for available Yorkies in your area. There is no shortage!

Check on petfinder bc tons are bought when they are puppies but then people no longer want them and they just end up in shelters. Also pet stores are very pver priced, and they can come from puppy mills, which means you don’t really know anything about the puppy you are getting. It could be a mutt or anything and chances are your puppy would be very sick. Also look in your local news paper. tons of breeders will advertise on there. Just make sure to ask lots of questions and to view the parents and their papers. If the puppies have fleas, uncut nails, eye infections. Any sign of anything that looks abnormal don’t get their puppies. Make sure they are active and playing, friendly. Look to see how the parents are treated. If something doesn’t feel right when you go look at a puppy just walk away.

You won’t find a good quality maltese female for under $1000-$1200 for about a 5-6lb one. If you want smaller 3-4lbs you can expect to pay $1500-$2500. That is one with maybe some champion lines but that are like in her 3-4th generation. Yorkies are less expensive than Maltese since Maltese are more rare. They bigger you go the less expensive they are. Maltese are usually 4-7lbs with 4-6lbs preferred. So a Maltese that is 7-8lbs will be on the lower end. If you want one from a breeder who does the tests and the puppy has a Champion Sire you can expect to pay about $2500 for a 5-6lb female Maltese. More for one smaller.

My friends got a pedigree Yorkie from a pet shop in Elephant & Castle area in London. Their puppy has now grown up and it is very clear that it is not a pedigree puppy. They are also still waiting for their paperwork and when they phoned up about it a week ago the lady said that they lost it.
They will of course never swop their dog now for any other dog but they paid the fee for a pedigree and also to get a healthy dog.
Just because it is a famous pet shop it doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting ripped-off.

Only buy from a breeder. Make sure that you can see the puppy’s parents and look for a breeder that offers a health guarantee. Yorkies are so small, you’ll want to do research in order to protect them while they are puppies. I have a Yorkie that I found on Petfinders.com . He was a whole lot less expensive, needed a home, already neutered and only 9 months old. He is the best dog ever!

Im sorry people were rude to you . A pet store is back yard breeders puppy mills bad places. Just our for money. Try and find a in home breeder
Look here Good luck Place an ad on hoobly its free and you may find a breeder in your town!!



Pet stores get their dogs from puppymills! Puppymills just produce dogs for profit. They don’t care about health, personality, structure, or anything. If a dog can produce, they breed it untill it can’t anymore. They don’t care if the dogs are happy, loved or anything, they just want money. Puppymill dogs are kept in horrible living conditions. They don’t always have food and water.

You are better off to find a reputable breeder. Someone who knows what they are doing and their dogs are show quality. You might also check out www.petfinder.com or the shelter. There are wonderful dogs being put down everyday because they don’t have a home and someone to love them.

Please don;t buy from a pet store. You have no idea about the parents and if the breeders were responsible.

Please buy from a private respectable breeder, besides, you will probably pay less too and have the added benifit of being able to view the parents of your prospective puppy.

Don’t buy from pet shop unless you know where the puppy coming from. Most of pet store’s puppies are from puppy mill. Ill breed.

If you must, go to
www.yorkiepassion.com or
to get more information about Yorkie.

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