Would you allow your children to choose their beliefs? And would you be ok?

Christians: If your kid comes up to you and says, I can’t see any evidence of God, so I’m becoming an atheist. would you accept this and still treat them well?
Atheists: If you kid said, I have found Jesus, and I never have been happier. would you call them stupid and mock them?
Muslims, Hindus, and any other theists: If your child said that they are convinced of another faith(or lack of) would you still love then and welcome them as your children?

Atheist here. First of all, I wouldn’t call anyone stupid and mock them simply because they believe in God. There are many things I’ve seen individual religious people do that would make me want to mock those individuals, but coming from a Christian family myself I know that not all religious people are the same. I wouldn’t think negatively of my child if they ended up believing in a god and practicing Christianity or some other theistic religion. Hopefully I would have raised them well enough for them to choose sensible, reasonable beliefs and respect other people’s personal belief’s as well. If their senses and reasoning leads them to be religious, then I’ll respect that. Either way, I wouldn’t disown my own children simply because they become religious.

I would support my child,but I would also want them to be reasonable.
I’m an atheist,and I wouldn’t raise my kids to believe in god.
I wouldn’t tell them to hate christians or anyone else of another denomination,but I would be firm about not believing in god,at least myself.
I would let them believe what they would like,but I would prefer that they didn’t preach to me,or really speak about their religious beliefs to me.
I find religion to be very irritating,and sometimes I can be a bit short with people when they start preaching to me.
But bottom line,I would not teach them to believe in god,but I would not discourage them if they decide to branch out and find their own religious beliefs.
As long as it isn’t a crazy,controlling cult,then I would be supportive.

I am a Christian. I have a little boy, and my husband and I pray that we would raise him a a Christian household. If in the future (he’s only 8 months) he came to us and said, “I don’t believe in God.” or “I’m gay…” we would be saddened, but hopefully we will know we have given him all the information that we could. You can’t force someone to agree with what you say. You can only give them the information and hope that they take it in the right direction. Especially where Christ is concerned, it’s not my job to convert my child. It’s my job to teach him everything I know about Christ and his glory. It’s up to God as to whether or not He decides to save him. We would love our son either way, and would continue to pray for him either way.

Im an atheists, once I adopt a child, and they tell me they want to be a religious person, I will point to them everything I know about there religion, and give them facts as to why its impossible for there beliefs to realistic, and tell them how stupid they will be. If after that, they still want to be religious, who am I to stop a devoted cow into a cliff… its reality, I cant change anyone, only anyone can change anyone.

It wouldn’t bother me. My 8 year old and I have talked about god, Jesus and religion before. She knows I am an atheist. I told her that I won’t take her to church because I can’t lead her off to believe something that see as not real.

She also knows that when she is older she can believe or not believe, it is her life and choice.

If I had a child and he said he was christian, I’d ask why, and tell him there isn’t any evidence for the bible basically. If he still wanted to be, I would be totally fine with it as long as he didn’t bug other people about it.

Yes, if my child came up to me one day in the future and said to me that he had found Jesus, I’d be perfectly fine. It’s not my decision as to what religion he follows or doesn’t follow. If he wants to introduce himself to ignorant ways of living, then fine by me. As long as he doesn’t try to evangelize the **** out of me. I have my beliefs, he can have his (or she can have hers). However, I would attempt to at least raise my child in an atheist environment.


At a certain age, ALL parents should acknowledge that their children have a right to choose a path other than what the parent would choose.

I have one child that chose as I did. … I have two children who didn’t.

I LOVE them all the same.


Yes and have done. My son told me he did not to go to church anymore and asked me why I did not go. I told him I believe in Jesus and not Organized Hypocrisy and that you did not have to be in church to believe. My son turned out Agnostic. I don’t knock him for it.

Yes, would still love them very much and I do.

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