Why do republicans get so upset when Obama points out that Bush destroyed the economy ?

It’s sure not like a super majority of the country doesn’t agree: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-57453042-503544/poll-finds-more-blame-bush-than-obama-for-economy/
If it wasn’t supported by a majority of our country he wouldn’t have to say it.

Cause they don’t think anyone knows. And they’d rather he didn’t say it so loud.

that is recuperating? the place? coach me the place! i’d desire to ascertain this progression. All I see is extra debt for the infants i haven’t had yet. And their infants, etc and so on… much less stimulus, extra stimulants, please. I see fantastically much no progression, if any so some distance. i’m a Republican, or a minimum of i assumed i became until they started leaning too some distance left at the instant, and now i’ve got long gone self sustaining. i did no longer think of Bush became too undesirable, and the alternative might easily have been worse. i might in no way choose the universal jobs of the President on all people, they are purely too stressful. Even Obama is taking off to look like he’s getting old speedy. besides, once you will discover the excellent advancements in the financial device that are an instantaneous results of the Stimulus money Obama has magically created out of nonexistent comfortable, then please enable me understand. in case you don’t understand what I propose, the national debt is larger than the quantity of funds flowing by using the full usa and in the possession of its electorate at this element. subsequently, the money would desire to be revealed yet with a view to pay for all of it, and that drives inflation up, which makes each thing extra high priced in the 1st place. i’m no longer disillusioned approximately any style of advancements everywhere nonetheless, I embody them. i’m hoping this helps you, and that i’m hoping which you do discover the answer you’re searching for, no remember if that is mine or somebody else’s. thank you.

Maybe because one person cannot solely crash an economy in a democratic state, the equivalent of saying this is that the democratic leaning congress has managed to collapsed the economy and have done little to improve it. Heck, this would be a more accurate description of what occurred considering that the dems got the majority in congress in early 2007 and then the economy crashes mere months later. It really doesn’t matter what the majority of the country says considering that Half of the american population dont bother voting and even fewer bother determining what candidates stand for.

Because it became Obama’s economy the day he was inaugurated. Most of the negative numbers the cons use include the January numbers, before he was sworn in.
It’s completely different from when the great George Bush had to fix all the problems Clinton caused.

Obama also kept Bush’s guy running the Federal Reserve (Ben Bernanke).

He also hand picked the corrupt Tim Geithner (formerly of the NY Fed) to run the Treasury Dept. Looks like Timmy knew about rate fixing scandals as early as 2007………but that paired with his tax cheating apparently made him the perfect man for the job.

Then there’s Larry Summers. The guy Obama put in charge of his economic team. The same Larry Summers that helped convince Clinton to repeal Glass-Steagall (which led to banks being “too big to fail”).

Fk Obama.
Fk Bush.
Fk you useful idiots most of all.

They get upset because it’s true. Then they make sure the economy stays bad and Obama cant get anything done because they will not let Obama take credit for fixing it. This would make them look bad. Here’s a fun fact: this little recession hasn’t been all that bad for the republican party’s main constituency, the super wealthy.

Repeating wrong information doesn’t make it true, mostly. Clinton was responsible for both the strengthening of the CRA and re repeal of glass-stegall and liberals have a blank stare on their face when asked to back up this claim. These actions and their direct link to the housing bubble has been explained numerous times its almost like liberals are too stupid to learn or think rationally about what actually happened.

From your link:

“More than three years after Mr. Obama took office, 68 percent of Americans still say former President Bush deserves a great deal or a moderate amount of blame for the struggling economy, according to Gallup. Just 52 percent say the same about Mr. Obama.”

JUST 52%???????

That’s called A MAJORITY.


It’s that simple.

Of course, Obama, as a senator, had no culpability in this. And the fact he made changes that worsened it are all Bush’s fault too……pathetic.

Same reason liberals get upset when conservatives point out Obama hasn’t done much to improve it since Bush destroyed it.

“We know the Dems did it when they took over Congress in 2006.”

I like the selective memory… Republicans had a majority in both houses for 12 years, half of which were under a republican president with a majority conservative supreme court, passed all the legislation that led up to the financial crisis, never repealed any of it despite their majority, deregulated every industry that caused the collapse… And somehow it’s only the fault of democrats…

Because, now pay close attention, Obama lies and he is the one who has destroyed the economy.

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