Why do jews feel they need Palestine?

Do they feel they are being persecuted elsewhere,and if so where? Do they imagine they are descendents of the ancient hebrews and assuming this was so,do they think this would consitute a modern land claim? Why exactly are they there? What can a jew do in Palestine that he/she can’t do in the U.S? Are they just there to torment the Palistinians?

They don’t; as Zeno points out the need has long passed and comparatively few jews have any real use for it. The only remaining attraction today to jews is that it is the one place on earth where they can unveil their nature and display to all their self conception as a Master Race. The assumption of such a role requires an underclass or untermenschen who may be brutalized or killed with carefree abandon combined with relentless pressure. They are certainly aware of the zero risk of encountering state persecution anywhere in the developed world as well the DNA studies that have clearly established they are ethnically European. They are indeed there to torment the Palestinians. To play the Master Race. To be the Lords of the Sacred Realm. It would amount to just so much histrionic play-acting – cheap melodrama – were it not for the incredible suffering they inflict on the indigenous population.

“How do you circulate approximately your lives having to rigidity approximately israel (for no good reason) and all the hatred against you for merely being jews.” So what are you announcing? That using fact Israel exists that directs anti semitism in direction of Jews and Israel? if so, thank you for admitting that anti Israel or anti Zionism is many circumstances a manifestation of anti semitism. And the question is WHY could you no longer argue the “Palestine united states ingredient” right here? using fact the actuality is that Israel exists and Palestine would not at this element in time. Now you will possibly unlike that scenario, because it clean from what you write, besides the shown fact that it rather is totally telling which you turn that displeasure into an surely delusion that Israel would not exist. In different words, its in basic terms on your techniques.

I wish we would have a clear answer, I love people who use the Muslim came after Arabs and Arabs came after Jews and then forget that Canaanites were there before them. Do they not remember were the first cultural mixing pot from the Berbers to Malaysia. Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, Iraqis and Jordanians were only the Arabized versions of Amorites, Phoenicians, Philistines, Babylonians, Armenians, Assyrians, and Nabataeans. If they can make the claim that European Jews are really Habiru then why can’t we also state that were even more directly related to these pre-jewish peoples.

An excellent question. My view is that the pograms in Russia and persecution elsewhere did in fact indicate the need for a jewish safehaven. But even Hertzl did not necessarily feel it was important that this be situated in Palestine. It was only after his death that Russian-born jews such as Weitzman took over and of course this idea of Palestine as the sacred long-lost broken point of origin goes back to Russian Hassidim. The thing is by the time the Jewish Agency took over in 1948 the safehaven aspect was no longer viable since the holocaust completely discredited official state persecution of jews,and it has not re-emerged since then. Ironically,it would have served a vital need – no matter where it ( meaning a jewish-majority territory or government ) was located almost right up to the very time it was actually established. Just when they got their safehaven they didn’t actually need it any more,which is why only 10% of jews live there. These days,to justify a historical relic like zionism it is increasingly neccessary to turn to religious justifications,biblical quotes and so on – a fine irony for a government founded by atheists. To answer your question: No. Jews flourish in the U.S.,Canada,the UK,Australia,France,even Germany – everywhere,really. No need to keep occupying Palestine like their lives depended on it. “Israel” is simply an anachronism. Of course it’s much more than that to the Palestinians – it’s a brutally repressive regime. All humanitarians would like an end to the zionist sate – both conceptually and materially. Jews,by the way,actually imagine dismantling the present government of Palestine would somehow constitute “annihilation” i.e. genocide. Whether they actually believe this or it’s just a propaganda spin,I could not venture to say. It’s a lot of both,probably.

Israel have the idea that land taken in a conflict is there’s to keep. The only other race that thought this way in modern times were the Nazis in WW2. Perhaps that where the Jews got the idea from They seem to have forgotten that after WW2 all land taken by the allies were returned to the original owners including Germany and Japan. Not so by Israel They still have the misguided idea that the land there ie Palestine was given to them by God. That would not go down too well in a law court today.Its time that Israel obeyed the UN resolution to return all illegal settlements to their rightfull owners, after all Israel are supposed to be UN members. But once again Israel think that they are above the law and have ignored all requests to comply.

The Zionists were part of colonialism. To them Palestine was a colony and they used religion to attract poor Jews to work the colony.
Therefor, Israel is the last colonial rule yet to solved.

They are suffering from paranoia but the way the zionists behave i am not surprised.
There are many things they can do in Israel but not in the U.S. such as demolishing homes, killing children and babies, enjoying the fear on the face of the Palestinians while they have sniper pointed to their head etc.

Edit- Palestine belongs to ARAB muslims, christian and jews. Israel has decided that they wanted to kill the Arabs living in Palestine so they can steal their land and establish their own jewish state. The jews who live in Israel are not necessarily Arabs they are jews who came from all over the world and decided to kill the native citizens of Palestine.
So it is not true that the jews were there first. The Arabs were there first and not matter what religion they followed what matters here is that they were ARABS.
Troll hunter first of all I am a semite, second zionists have made themselves very unpopular throughout the world because whenever anyone criticizes your crimes you accuse them of being an anti-semite, the word has lost it’s effect.
Besides following the jewish religion does not make you automatically a semite. Arabs are semites not because of their faith but because of their race. The definition in the dictionary is crap and it is another evidence of how manipulative and controlling zionists are.

Well, the truth is that they do not feel like they need it. You just need to look at the immigration figures.

Those still holding onto some “belief” that the land is their inheritance are really the poor, uneducated and dishonest; who have been sinking into an ever deepening quagmire of evil.

Maybe they could tell you if they weren’t blocked.

Who knows better ‘why a group of people feel in some way’ that group of people or others?

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The Jews ARE and ALWAYS will be the chosen people of God, who GAVE Israel to them! Palestine never was, and never will be a country! The need to stop Jew hating cause they will never get that land–EVER!!!!!

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