What is the average weight for a 14 year old girl? Height:5ft2.?

Average or max weight please.

(If possible in KGs. We use the metric system. :D)

40 to 50 kg… still depends on the bone structure and level of bodyfat %..


Sorry I don’t know the metric system 🙂
But I wrote an answer yesterday,
for every 5 feet you have 100 pounds.
for every inch after that you add 5 pounds.
so you should be 110 pounds, no more than 120 🙂

The average weight would be 105-115bls(47-52kgs)

95-125 pounds
43 to 56 kg


something around 45 kg

well my doctor said for me since i am a 14 year old its around 130 or 135. its common

Sorry I only know puonds the answer is one hundred and five( I checked three different sources)

52-55 kg.

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