See ya Pittsburgh Penguins Bandwagon Phony Fans?

Canada once again owns you and I hope the Pens move to Hamilton after this.

Will Crosby every leave that dumb city called Pittsghetto and move to Canada where he belongs?

Obviously you have never been to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh isn’t a city like Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Los Angeles, etc, etc. It’s actually the best city to live in in America. It’s clean and you can walk down the street alone during the day or night without worrying about getting shot or mugged.

Also I’m half Canadian and I was born in Darthmouth, Nova Scotia. Let’s see your team without Gill and Halak. Now I live in Pittsburgh now (since I was two) and I have been a Pens fan since 1995 (when I moved to Pittsburgh). I have been a Pens fan since after the back to back Stanley Cup wins and before anyone even knew who Crosby, Staal, Malkin, or Fleury was, so I’m obviously not a bandwagon jumper. I want the Habs to win against the Flyers, because I hate the Flyers!

The Penguins have more Canadian players on their roster than the Habs.

Who cares where the owner lives?

F*** OFF!


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