Republicans to gain seats in the 2010 midterm elections?

what should the republicans say to earn seats in the upcoming midterm election?

Historically, the opposition party always takes congressional seats from the party in power in a mid term election. History has a tendency to repeat itself. The mid term election isn’t a presidential election. And voters for the party in power have little motivation to come out and vote. You can start worrying if the Republicans don’t take any seats in the upcoming election. And if they lose seats, that’s really bad.

Armchair Goddess #1 ONCE AGAIN proves that it does not take intelligence, objectivity, fair mindedness, or any agreement with her opinion to become a “Top Contributor”.
I used to think I wanted that tag, but I would not want to be in the same company with closed minded, unfounded, false, prejudicial, biased, opinions that have no basis in fact.
Yes, the minority party does historically gain seats in off year elections. Yes, MANY OF US that have fully functioning brains and are not brain washed, kool ade drinking, Obamatards like SOME “Top Contributors” spewing their hateful, antirepub, rhetoric here, realize that the socialist agenda the party in power has advanced for the last 4 years is ruining the country and pissing away our future prosperity.
Let us all hope and pray and VOTE to make history repeat itself because we CANNOT afford to allow the liberals to keep the majority one second longer than is absolutely necessary.
I would also LOVE to SEE Pelosi have to hand the gavel over to Boehner. I WANT TO SEE IT ON CSPAN, Fox News, MSNBC – all of the networks though I doubt some of the lib biased media will want to cover it. I just want to see it happen and witness the end of the political careers of a lot of arrogant, prevaricating, liberal politicians. Think I will treat it as a movie night and have some popcorn ready for the festivities! lol

Absolutely nothing the Democrats have done and said enough to horrify any person in their right mind. It will be really interesting to see just how Obama is going to work with Republicans and by the way I think that the Republicans are going to do much better than we think. There are a lot of young ones coming up and it could be very interesting.

They would have to draw up another “contract with America” as leftist Republicans still control the party. But in either case, I doubt very much that even leftist Republicans can do any more damage than Obama and the current Democrats.

I doubt they are going to have to say anything. The bogus health care, the terrible financial reform, lack of immigration policy, the mess in Arizona, racist minister, Communist ties… and I could go on.. all of these things attached to the democrats will insure the republicans more seats.

@ Armchair Goddess –

You eternal grasp on the past happenings is laughable. Yet you can’t even see that Obama has already got an approval rating lower than Bush’s in just one and a half years. The double digit unemployment, 100 days of oil spill, double the spending, a shitty health care reform that will increase our taxes 16% and that along with the other taxes that Democrats want to pass and the Bush tax cuts they are taking away will boost us up to a 42% tax hike. Yea…great.

This is just the beginning…it is obvious you are only holding onto your partisan politics because you are blind to anything else.

Well for one thing do not tell us you are a Washington outsider. If you have your party’s nomination the folks from both party’s know who you are. They are all in Washington DC. Tell us what you will try to accomplish not what you WILL do. Because we know it will take more than just yourself to do it.Be truthful with us and straight forward and hey we may just believe you this time.

Obama wasn’t even invited to Chelsey wedding. This proves that there is a separation in the democratic party. So they are going all the way wrong.

That is the norm, but it is very hard to see how anyone will fall for the BS the current iteration of the Republican party has been trying to peddle. Even Rassmussen shows that the current trend does not favor a big Republican sweep….That should be a cause for concern for everyone in the party of “NO” or more properly, according to Mitch McConnell, the party of “Hell No”

They should do fine with the usual lies. The party out of power usually picks up support in off-year elections, and that’s compounded by the fact that in the last general election, a lot of new and independent voters made the difference. Many of them will have given up on the system and dropped out.

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