POLL: Sex Before Or After Marriage?

Before or after and why?

Personally I see nothing wrong with sex before marriage, and although I cannot take back my virginity, if I was with someone who wanted to wait until after then I have no problem waiting for them if they are the right person. Curious as to other peoples views on whether they would wait until marriage or not.


I didn’t wait and I don’t regret it. I gave my virginity to someone I loved. But I also have no problem dating someone who is waiting until marriage.

I don’t have a problem either way to be honest i think in this day and age is a personal choice or perhaps a choice made by what religion you are. I don’t see anything wrong with sex before marriage as long they are two consenting adults. The only problem i do have is when you hear people having sex under age. This is how they end up pregnant as they are not emotionally mature enough and do not have any life experience.Teenage pregnancies is children having children…….But between two adults its not a problem. On the other side of the coin i have answered numerous questions where people have been ashamed as they have still been virgins. I have said to them it is something to be proud of.

After Marriage*

After. If you are truly mature enough for marriage, you realize that the choirs, angels, imperious hormones, and total absorption into the object of your affection is a physiological phenomenon that evaporates with time. If you believe that marriage is a lifetime commitment, wouldn’t you want a partner who is a supporting caring companion and your very best friend?

Establish the committed relationship first. Sex, because of its power and its cultural endorsement, is incredibly overrated. Besides, the purpose of sex is actually procreation. A child born to parents who are in a committed, loving relationship is wonderfully blessed.

After marriage.

During marriage. After marriage means divorce. I’m never having sex out of wedlock. I doesn’t make sense to me at all to have it before marriage. What would be the point of getting married? The person already went all the way.


After marriage because I want to wait until I’m really in love and that I’m giving my virginity to someone who will always be with me 🙂

after marriage;
because if you have a REAL MAN, he’ll accept that..
and i’m telling you right now, if you wait until after marriage and do it with the person you’re truly in love with, it will be so romantiic and nice.. so much nicer than if you just screw a random guy when you’re freakin’ thirteen.
effing idiotts.

Not after marriage but only once your in love

after marriage

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