My cat is not eating her dry food?

We give her about 1/2 wet (canned) food and 1/2 dry food, but lately she hasn’t been eating the dry food. And its not that she doesnt like the food cause we’ve already started the bag of food and sundenly she stoped eating it. A couple days ago she threw up, but it may have been from eating and running around, but im not sure. Does she have any minor problems, please help!!!

She’s refusing the dry because dry food is not what nature inteded cats to eat. Congrats to your cat for teaching you about feline nutrition! ;o) Typical cat training it’s human! LOL!

Cats were never meant to eat dry food, also known as cereals or kibble. We, humans, make them eat it for convenience to us. It has nothing to do with them or their nutritional needs. It’s completely species inappropriate.

In the wild, cats derive their entire liquid intake from their prey. They do not have a thirst mechanism because they don’t need it when eating a species appropriate diet. They get all they need from what they eat. So they do not drink water. Regular ol’ house cats have descended from those same wild cats.

So in a home environment, your kitty does not get the moisture it needs from dry food and it’s almost always in a constant state of dehydration. Water fountains are encouraged to TRY to get your cat to drink more and your kitty may even enjoy it, but it will never meet its water intake needs drinking from a bowl.

Deadly feline illnesses such as diabetes, kidney failure, obesity, allergies, Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), bladder stones, kidney stones, urinary tract blockages and Urinary Tract Infections (FLUTD), with and without deadly crystals run rampant these days. Cats are not taking in enough water to stave them off. Proper water intake through a species appropriate diet alone can prevent most of these conditions.

Overall, wet is all around better for any cats diet, be it canned or Raw and they should never be fed dry cereal kibble if we wish to most closely match their wild nutritional and dietary needs. Kibble meets our needs… not our cats.

It is also bogus that kibble cleans teeth. DRY FOOD DOES NOT CLEAN TEETH. It’s an old myth that has been scientifically disproved for years, but old-school vets drilled it into people’s heads for so long (and sadly still do) that people still believe it. Cats can not “chew”. They do not have flat “chewing” teeth. Their molars are not for grinding food. They have meat ripping pointy carnivorous teeth. You may see them “crunch” a piece of food once to crack and break it… but they are absolutely unable to chew a hard piece of food. Want your cat to have clean teeth? Give them an appropriately sized raw bone to chew on. :o)

Cats can be finiky(spelt wrong lol)what you can try is putting some warm water into the dry food, this is what vets say you should do for a kitten to get them off mom`s milk when they`re very young but realize too much wet canned food will cause upset stomach so try that .Also there are tons of websites on cat problems, take some time to study those as well.

cats have a reputation for being finicky for a reason… if she is still eating her wet food without any problems i wouldn’t panic. i have 4 cats and they quite often decide that a food they’ve loved for the past few months is suddenly the yuckiest thing on earth.

i would go to the pet store and see if they have sample bags. my pet store has numerous varieties and they’re cheap. pick up a few different ones and see if she eats any of them. if she does, then she’s just decided it’s time for a change.

if she still eats her wet food but resists all dry food, it could be that she has a sore mouth or sore teeth – i’d take her to the vet at that point.

If she is longhaired or sheds a lot, she may have hairball. They sell remedy for hairballs at most pet shops. Also, her teeth may be abcessed or rotten. You should see a vet if you want to be 100% safe and sure.

I would take any symptoms from a cat more seriously than from many other pets, because cats are difficult to diagnose early, as it is their natural behavior (as solitary animals) to be incredibly stoic and hide all signs of their pain until it becomes unbearable.

Hope everything works out!

I am not sure if your cat is young or old, but one thing I do know is cats get fur balls and sometimes they need to bring them up and I guess if your feeling like you have a lump in your throat, you don’t want to eat dry food. Keep an eye on your cat and if you feel there is something wrong, take it to the vet and have it checked out.

“Does she have any minor problems”. Hmm…. let me rub my magical monitor that lets me diagnose your cat through the internet….

No one diagnose your cat on here – how could anyone know what’s wrong? Maybe it hurts to chew? She could have a bad tooth, an absess, gum disease, a stomach virus, cancer – who knows. When was the last time she saw a vet?

cats have very sensitive digestive systems and changes in eating patterns can be an early symptom of a problem–I would call your vet in the morning.

You should go to your vet and check if she has any allergies. Maybe it’s an ingredient in the food :] I hope that I could help.

She probably has kidney stones

vet asap.

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