Will the dealer take money off the amount of te car I buy if I pay in cash?

I’m looking to buy a $20,000 car in cash, and I’m almost there. Will the car be less expensive in cash? Will some money be deducted from the car I I pay in cash? Thanks!

It’s all cash to us. Either you write a check (cash), or the bank writes the check (BETTER than cash…BETTER than YOUR check).

It does not matter.

Oh yeah. Don’t listen to Brittany by the way. She’s a whiny little b!t(h that can’t hear the truth without getting her feelings hurt 🙁 Pooor Brittany. She says she’s 20 but I SURE AS HELL hope she’s not older than 12.

EDIT #2:
Larkin…wtf does the IRS have to do with this guys question?? I am in the business too my friend (almost 20 years…you??) and it’s irrelevant. He’s asking if he gets a discount by paying cash. Read the question and answer accordingly moron. What does the IRS have to do with his question?? Come on man. Get a clue.

I was referring to her question she asked about getting “taken advantage of” at a dealership, which she was not. She’s a little brat who cannot take hearing the truth. I’m sure she deleted her question because EVERYONE agreed with my answer.

I completely understand that anything over 10K gets reported to the IRS…but what is your fu(king point?? What does the IRS have to do with his question?? Answer that for me dipsh!t! Stick to the question at hand.

A lot of consumers seem to think that paying cash at a dealership will reduce the price. This is just not the case for major dealerships. It doesn’t matter to the dealer where the money comes from: cash or check from you or a check from a lender. And you might actually be able to get a slightly better price by financing since the dealer makes a little money on this.

These comments do not refer to those small, 8-15 cars on a small lot, usually “Buy Here Pay Here” where the owner might be tempted to make a deal on cash because it can be kept off the books. Major dealers can’t do this.

EDIT: Rob, Brittany is actually correct about the IRS thing. If you pay $10,000 or more in cash (defined as dollar bills or your personal check), the dealer will report the transaction, as required by law, to the IRS. That doesn’t mean, however, that you will have a problem with the IRS. It is NOT illegal to pay more than $10,000 in cash in a transaction.

Whether you hand him cash, or the bank you financed with gives him a check, he gets the same amount either way. In fact in some cases certain companies will pay the dealer if you finance through them, so if anything there is incentive for the dealer if you don’t use cash.

So no, it won’t matter how you pay.

You can always try but the dealer doesn’t care if you pay cash for the vehicle at the time of delivery or if you finance it. Either way, the dealer will receive the money right away.

There’s no incentive for a dealer to give a cash discount. The dealer makes more money when a buyer finances a vehicle. However, if you are paying cash, you will save thousands in interest you would have had to pay if you financed the deal.

You have to consider a dealer processing fee, and a sate taxes. Also if I was buying a car outright for that amount I would also buy a damn good warranty with it. Yes the dealer will be more than happy to take a few $$ to get the car off their lot.

Paying cash or getting a loan makes no difference in the price of the car. I pay cash for my cars… just order a new 2013 car, should be here anytime…. they don’t care how I pay for it as long as they get their money. (I’ll pay for your 20,000 dollar car if you pay for my new one)

Whatever car you decide on purchasing, ask the dealer to see the invoice price of the car. Then try to get the car for the invoice cost or if you’re lucky, less than the invoice cost!

Dealers get cash no matter how you pay.

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