2007 Scion tC???

I love the way this car looks, but don’t know anyone who drives one, or anything about it. Is it a reliable car, will it last a long time? Is it good in the snow? I’ve read that some people hear rattling in their car, whta is the rattling from and why would it do that? I test drove one yesterday and I felt that the steering wheel was very small. My bf told me a smaller steering wheel was better, but I just didn’t like how it felt. Does it come with a bigger steering wheel? Is it true that you can’t bargain down on the price??? I just need info on this car!

I have a 07 Tc and I have had it since Oct. 06. I have love the car. Yes the smaller steering wheel is better for the smaller car because its made to be a small sportier car and you cant turn a big wheel as fast as a smaller one. Bigger wheels are made for SUV’s, trucks and big cars.

This car has the same engine as the Toyota Camery and its has had a great track record. I know people that have almost 125,000 miles on almost the same engine the Tc has in them now. I have not has a problem with the major parts of the car. One thing that I dont like about the car is that, at lest the in Silver the pant scratches easy.

As for driving it in the snow, its OK. I live in NW PA were we get alot of snow. The Tc has ABS and that does help, but I got the manual on mine and if you know how to use it, it well really help it the snow.

The rattling I have hear in my Tc is all in the dash and I don’t hear it that often but when I do I just have to tap the dash and it goes away.

I get about 27-28 city and 30-32 MPG highway.

As far as getting the price down, you CAN’T. Because every Scion in the USA has there cars marked at the same price, unless they have put something one it like the fog lights or something. One thing that they well give you is 3 free oil changes and if you are going to grauate in 6 months or you have grauated within 6 months they’ll take off I think its $500 off the bottom price.

Below I have pasted a copy of the link so you can read reviews from owners of the Tc.

to paraphrase every car expert who has reviewed the scion tC:

“the scion tC is an excellent car in ALL aspects… FOR THE PRICE”.

there are faster cars out there, cars with better gas mileage, cars with more interior creature comforts. however none of them are the all around package that the scion tC is for the price.

if you don’t like the steering wheel ask the dealer if you can change it out with a toyota tacoma steering wheel. it has the same steering wheel controls and is bigger but… it has a toyota emblem on it instead of a scion emblem. btw, you might not like the steering wheel now, but once you get used to it you will appreciate how much easier it is to handle a car with a smaller steering wheel (more of a race car style). the stock tires are not very good in the snow. the car is also so low that putting on snow chains can be a hassle, especially with a cold, biting wind and frozen hand from handling cold chains.

i own a 2007 and it is nearly a year old (july) and the only rattling i’ve heard my rear license plate frame when the bass from my factory subwoofer hits especially hard.

yeah. Scions are “pure priced.” that means that a dealership anywhere in the country will charge the exact same price for the same car. that keeps the dealerships from trying to rip you off, but does prohibit you from haggling a price. I’ve had my 07 since last august. It handled pretty well through a cold wisconsin winter. Its relaible (havent had any problems yet) and it probably wont (since its made my toyota). I had a small bit of rattling in one of the back interior panels, but i put some sound deadner in the back (to make my audio system sound better) and it went away-its as quiet as can be inside. some people also have a rattling from the back seat or the back passanger roof shade. Its nothing major (if you have your radio on just a little, you cant even hear it) You can’t get a factory bigger steering wheel, and it is the standard size for most cars. i had the same complain coming from a large SUV before getting my tc, but after a week or 2 you get used to it. if you really cant get used to it, you can always put a little bigger after market one on. enjoy your tc!

Ive got an 05. Its been mostly reliable. Never been stranded but had some radiator (cracked the radiator) problems two times that were replaced under warranty. The mileage isnt great because its a heavy little car with short gears to make up for all that weight. I get around 27-28 on the hwy. It will rattle from everywhere (hatch, dash, roof) after a year or so. I fixed the rattles myself because the 2 dealers I went to told me they couldnt find anything (it was obvious but under warranty so I felt they should do it) and it wasnt that bad (it was annoying as hell). It took me about 10 minutes to do them all and it hasnt been a problem since other than the dash which I cant find the problem and they refuse to look. The seats will stain if they get wet and the silver on the dash will scratch 1st time you touch it. I still like the car its nice looking and comfy to drive. Ive got about 49k miles on mine.

Oh yeah its no haggle price. What you see if what you pay.

brasilera67 – Acura is a Honda not a Toyota.

I’m really starting to think people don’t research questions before they ask them…

I won’t go on and on as to thw the tC is an amazing car. You can see for yourself…



There are pleny of this same question floating around out there. Do your own research and see what the majority opinion is on the tC. Exlcuding the dumbfucks who think the civic is the best car ever made because there’s only 500,000 of them in each town… everyone who has a brain in their head knows that the tC is an increadible piece of machinery. As for the steering wheel issue, you can always swap out the steering wheel but with the radio controls and all that built into it, it’s more work. The rattling is mainly from the cheap plastic roof cover. Also for an unbias review..


Good luck!!! 🙂

J4, I am a happy owner of a 2005 Scion tC. I am one of the original owners and I am extremely happy with her. She is a great car, great gas mileage and very reliable. I have never had any mechanical problem. Scions are in the toyota/lexus/acura family – they all share the same “engine genes”, (so to speak) so they are very reliable. I have never heard her rattle. I get regular scheduled maintenances and oil changes and thought about trading her in for a truck but you know what? NOT!

It is true, you cannot bargain down the price, I cannot remember the term but they are supposively price friendly so they dealers cannot try and get you to pay more…its to our benefit. since you test drove one, they would have told you about the extras/options you can get.

I have one in Superwhite and they have since expanded the colors available.

I love my tC! I got it in January and I’m very happy with it. The steering wheel is small but I like that, and I have had no issues with it- I’ve never heard that rattling. I would recommend it to you in a heartbeat. Mine is black cherry pearl and I adore it. Good luck!

its toyota quality, and has good relability record…its a bargain sports car…cheap to own, rides good…interior is good…agility is good…
no you can not bargain down on price…everything is set in stone…im not sure about steering wheel, there is a custom one you can buy with car from scion dealership…
as far as rattling, the car has cheaper interior parts and ive heard of the hatchback rattling at times…i figured that is what the radio is for…

I have an 07 scion tc and I dont like it. Gas sucks on it. Every 2 days im filling up my tank. I love the body though and the price. but I regret it. Since I drive a lot. For a weekend car its perfect! but for what I do I shouldve thought about a different car. that’s my opinion.

Get one in white, they are the best and easiest to customize
A white car is always a good starting point.

And if you like loud music your driving in a box.

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