Do Americans feel bad about what happened to the Native Americans?

Today I was learning about what happened to the Native Americans back in the day, and I had no idea that they were treated so horrific-ly. It was just so annoying, and upsetting to read about. What the settlers did to them was just inhumane!! I was just wondering if Americans that live there now, feel kind of ‘guilty’ about it? I know this sounds ignorant and stupid but I was just wondering..

I think we’re starting to feel bad about it. Some people always have and some people never will.

I recently visited the Gateway Arch in St Louis. Underneath it, there’s a museum called The Jefferson Museum of Westward Expansion. It’s absolutely horrific. I can’t believe we would still celebrate a religious/economic mass genocide of an entire race! I think we should rename the whole thing The Sitting Bull Memorial to the Genocide of the American Indian.

Yep, we fought them with a scorched earth policy. Treaties were often violated by the U. S. government. Of course the culture of some tribes must be given some blame for the intense hostility and cruelty of non-Indians. There were war like tribes such as the Comanche and the Apache who’s principal source of resources was stealing. They loved torturing their victims and they were very resourceful in causing great agony.
This kind of behavior was why they were often called savages. The word “Apache” means thief and the word “Comanche” means “snake in the grass” Both tribes regarded their names as compliments.

Dylan makes some very good points. It was U. S. government policy to destroy Indian culture and language. The much larger white population also wiped out many tribes all together through marriage. That is why it sickens me to hear whites brag about their Indian heritage.

Your question is far from being “ignorant and stupid”. Thoughtful people realize what happened.

Just venting: the Mohawks are claiming that a treaty they signed, involving lands from the Mohawk River in New York State to the St. Lawrence River, was violated.

In my opinion, the situation is so potentially volatile that no politician would dare to approach it.

My Great Grandmother’s older siblings were put on a slave train to Mexico City and were never heard of seen again. She lived to a 110, her parents survived the Long Walk and internment at Bosque Redondo. My grandparents, uncles, aunts, and mom they lived through the Boarding School and Assimilation eras.

My Aunt would tell me how they would beat them, and shave their long hair off. Eat soap if you spoke your language or tied you down in the basement if you spoke out against them.

As upset I was knowing that had to happen to my mom, to OUR family. It never clouded my views on the world today.

These days friend, we’ve got other problems. Like the Federals and Arizona State Government trying to strip us of our resources for starters. What happened a 100 years ago didn’t happen to me. We take it day by day like anyone else. We’re not angry about the past like so many think.

I’m just proud we survived it all really. People ought to give the elderly credit, they survived a lot of hardship.

I feel bad about it, but I don’t feel guilty.

Should I feel guilty because other people, who lived a hundred year ago, acted badly.

I didn’t mistreat the Native Americans.

Yes I feel bad, but life goes on you live and learn.

No, a good majority could care less.

I’m Cherokee, I care… and I’m told to get over it regularly.

They got some payback. I lost a few ancestors in the King Phillip War and Pequot skirmishes.

Do you feel bad about your mother getting knocked up by that beast and producing something that looks like you? I sure do. Eww, its just hard to look at.

Ah your Irish that explains it. __EWWWWWW

Not at all. They don’t care.

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