Would the world be better if Germany won World War II?

I am NOT racist i just mean i think the world would be a lot more disciplined with MUCH less crime and there wouldn’t be this massive overpopulation issue facing the world today.

When someone has a start date the same day as their stupid question, it spells out Troll. Or it is an indication that they never got past 3rd grade history, can’t explore on their own on the Internet or lack any resemblance of cognitive thought?

If Germany had won the war, millions more innocent people would have been put into concentration, work and death camps just for their race and religion. The Holocaust was crime in its purest form.
Sure, there wouldn’t be an over population, but to send so many people, men, women, and children to their deaths on Death Marches, going to the gas chambers, being picked off one by one with Typhus, and other diseases, shot for another persons suicide, and many other things…There are other ways to bring the population down. Killing them slowly, breaking up families forever, making them work for just scraps of food…that is not the answer. Far from it.
Germany would rule with nothing but fear, death, and pain. That’s not a life any of us would like to live, wouldn’t you agree?

if germany had won, things would look a lot like many muslim countries where the few make all the rules and decide by whims whether someone should be thrown in prison or executed. besides that, all jews, poles, gypsys and catholics would be gone, young boys would be conscripted into the army at about 14. I suspect all religion would consist of worshiping only what the SS decided was the ‘true god’

WW2 wasnt about discipline. do your research. WW2 was when Germany tried to exterminate the entire population of Jewish people from the world and succeeded in wiping out 1/3 of the Jews. so basically what you are asking is if the world would be better without Jews…..which is completely discriminatory and the answer is no.

Sorry pal, but the only reason for anyone to think we’d be better off had the Nazis prevaled is if you are a RACIST who is livid at the idea that the Jewish people have a homeland

Um………… NO! Killing people off because of their race or health IS a crime. And so much more. I suggest you study up on your history. Read Corry Ten boon’s, The Hiding Place. AMAZING book. Gives you a look on the cruelty, mercy, and forgiveness. She went through. A true story.

If Hitler’s Germany had won the 2nd worldwide conflict, the U. S. does not have been an best buddy. There could nonetheless be oppresion, there could nonetheless be poverty, and there could nonetheless be third worldwide countries exploited for the income of the developed worldwide. There could additionally nonetheless have been a chilly conflict, even yet it does not have been against the U.S.. it could have been against the German third Reich. In 1945, Germany grew to become into on the verge of coming up nuclear weapons and had already began making use of jet airplanes in try against. They have been under ten years from coming up trans-atlantic bombers. Hitler’s appropriate image of the worldwide grew to become into no longer benevolant co-operation with different countries. It grew to become into worldwide domination. Hitler’s Germany actively enslaved and tried to wipe out different races. the only people who could have been extra effective off may be the better echelon contributors of the nationwide Socialist party.

wow. if germany had won we would all be in concentration camps…. so much better…. not



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