Will Donald Trump become president?

I am a socialist . I do not support trump

But I remember Americans voted for Ronald Reagan for president

California had both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan as governor for two terms

I was no fan, but Ronald Reagan had proven himself through two reasonably successful terms as California governor, and was extremely active in the Republican Party at the national level. Schwarzenegger was an anomaly–elected after a recall as first among 135 candidates, followed by a move to the political center and reelection against a very weak Democratic opponent. (Then again, they elected Jesse Ventura in Minnesota, although he had the good sense not to try for a second term.)

I doubt that Trump will get the nomination. He leads only with a plurality, and I very much doubt that he is he second choice of many supporting other candidates. He has all the support he is ever going to get. As candidates drop out, their supporters will go to candidates other than Trump, who will see his 25% bypassed by somebody else. (See, for example, Pat Buchanan in 1996 who did well with plurality votes, but was trounced by Bob Dole when other candidates left the field.)

However, Dems would love to see a Trump candidacy. His lack of support from women, minorities, the educated, and independents would give the Dems a walk-over. (See, for example, George McGovern who was nominated as a protest candidate by the Dems, and annihilated by Nixon.)

He doesn’t censor himself (I kind of respect that). Looks like his own party finds him obnoxious. lol. He’s fun to watch and kind of charismatic, most people just find him entertaining. Which is what he is, an entertainer. Anyone who takes hims seriously though has got to have a few screws loose.

Its too early to know what can happen. Dig up enough dirt and it might be game over for anybody. All I know is, I don’t think the poor will benefit from him becoming President. He’s all for the rich getting richer because he’s rich.

I may move to Canada…..

Unlikely. He would need to win swing states like Florida, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado with large Hispanic populations.

Pretty scary isn’t it? Don’t forget Nixon? An admitted criminal, that managed to get elected CA governor, and then POTUS! Yeah, the same one that sold the USA to China!!

My crystal ball is in the pawnshop… but when we asked Television’s Ouija board your question the mystical hand pointed directly at “Good-bye.” Does that mean no? Probably.

No. He could never get widespread appeal. That said, I can’t believe this sick sideshow is *still* going on. It’s horrifying.-

I hope not, I hate Donald Trump.

Hell no. I hope he won’t. He’ll never get elected president of anything.

He’s leading in the republican party, although it is tough to say who will win the election at this point

If you’re a socialist than you’re a traitor.

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