Why dont black guys like it when white guys date black girls, but they can date white girls?

Im not racist or anything, i just can’t figure out why that is, why if a white guy dates a black girl, the black guys get all mad, but they can date a white girl and no one hardly says anything. i just wanna know more about this.

I have no idea. I wonder about this myself all the time. Sometimes, even if I am just walking around with a guy who happens to be white who is a friend, the dirty looks I get from black men (some, not all) is just unbelievable. One time, this black guy tried to start a fight with this guy I was with, just because my date was a white guy. Now, 99 percent of the time, when I am walking by myself, none of those bustas even say TWO WORDS to me…your guess is as good as mine.

most black guys are really selfish and they want the blacks whites and latinasto themselves plus alot of them think they are better than white guys

ask any black guy and he’ll punch u in the face

Because there re-re’s

there self abored

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