Why does the character god (Christian) think that genocide is a good way to demonstrate love?

I keep hearing that god is love and he does advocates genocide and murder.

Our loving God is also a Jealous Deity.
He shares His glory with no one, and no other god.

The Christian God commands, thou shalt not kill. Also Jesus said that the commandments of God is to Love the Lord thy God with all your being. Love others as your self. Do unto others as you would have them do to you. Bear one anothers burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.

As a Christian, my God has never advocate me to genocide and murder. Christians many times can be a victim of genocide and murder just because they refuse to deny Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Atonement for sins & Resurrection.

Well genocide is a good way to do away with people that disagree with God’s philosophy and in turn would allow God to love his people.
Genocide is only bad if it happen to you, other than that the people or in this case God would be full of joy doing it, because it serves God propose

I have no clue where you got that idea from! Because I have not seen God suggest this. Now if you are going back to the Old Testament it was to clean out the promised land so it would not be contaminated with other religions for his chosen people. Other than that, there is no time that I have ever seen that God suggests genocide.

There are no texts or writings where God prescribes genocide or murder as a way to demonstrate love.

God IS love, or Love is God, whatever… but it is MAN who indulges in mass-murder and mayhem.

They have not. I incredibly have some Christian acquaintances, and faith or god in simple terms comes up in verbal replace on occasion. they are very superb human beings (why could I be acquaintances in any different case? :p) yet their thought would not play a good number of a place in our courting. in simple terms like my atheist acquaintances loss of thought performs no area in our friendship. i admire my acquaintances because of the fact of what styles of folk they are. Any attempt via them to teach me god’s love could be counter efficient, as i would not savor it. I incredibly have had a pair of random proselytizers attempt to question my international view on the line or my doorstep, yet I overlook approximately them.

If you are a christian you don’t ask why. You just believe it. That’s how it works. That’ and your weekly donation makes the Church’s go around and around.

if there is a god we know nothing about his character or motivation. people simply imbibe him with certain characteristics to support their OWN beliefs

Hey, myths don’t think, but there are people lunatic enough to believe them.

all those instances of genocide in the bible were PUNISHMENT for sin.

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