Why does Obama want to raise gas prices?

Obama: I’d like higher gas prices, just not so quickly

Uncaring, elitist attitude.
You would think he would care more since it -has- to cost more carrying that buck toothed heifer around.^

He said that HE THINKS HE would have preferred a gradual adjustment. He DID NOT say “that Americans would have accepted a gradual adjustment.” And this is from hotair.com. Haha They sure are full of hot air. Once again people go and twist his words to suit their agenda. It’s a shame.

He thinks if you raise the gas tax..and thus gas prices it would force people to drive a green car..and thus save the environment and MPG ..thus making the demand lower

its crazy to think this will happen it only will raise the price of gas for everyone..

Higher gas prices should help achieve his goals after he becomes president, those are his intentions.

So he can be the first to make us pay $5.00 a gallon, which is what Al Gore wanted. It’s typical Liberal fashion to suck money from hard working people and give it to lazy welfare recipients and terrorist pandering.

because he thinks the oil companies are evil. even though the governmet gets more per gallon of gas than the oil companies.

enviorment…raising gas grr one thing I don’t like about him but I am in the middle on both canidates

He doesn’t. Why do you keep using doctored information that says he does?

so Rush will have to spend more of his $400 million driving his Hummer

He has fascist energy policies.

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