Who thinks the DETROIT TIGERS will sweep the YANKEES tonight?

Did the Tigers get good or did the Yankees get worse?

I sure hope they SWEEP the yankees!!
The tigers have been good, they just needed to WARM UP~~ and as far as the Yankees I don’t know to much about that team, except they haven’t been able to beat the Tigers!

I Think The Tigers gotten Better Lot Better Compared to the First week of the Baseball Season, and The Yankees I’m Telling Girardi is bringing that team Down Hard.
Sweep will happen.

Both. Tigers got good again and Yankees got worse. I’m thinking Tigers will sweep.

ARod is on the disabled list. Takes a chunk of offense out of the line up. The Tigers have had their own injuries. You see what a difference Granderson made instantly returning?
Plus, Tiger pitchers are finally getting their crap together. I would like to see them sweep, watched both games. If they don’t, 2 out of 3 at Yankee Stadium is great.
The Tigers traded Grilli to Colorado to make room for this guy named Cruscheda or something, supposed to throw in the mid-90’s.

The Tigers were believe to be a contending team based upon their ballcrushing offense and outstanding starting pitching so fans were naturally stunned when they began the season playing like pussycats.
The Yankees were believed to be a contender based upon their solid offense and a trio of young pitching studs yet no one was particularly surprised by Hughes’ and Kennedy’s early sturggles. They’re inconsistant…that’s what rookies do.
Posada and Rodriguez are DL’d. They don’t have a decent first baseman and Cano is tanking again to start the season.
The Tigers are improving and starting to play at athe level they were expected to. The Yankees don’t have a chance.

They are both average, i think the Yankees can pull out a win.

combo of the two, the yanks are beat up and tigers are playing better after that bad start. that being said i hope a sweep.

i think the tigers got good

n the yankees =p

Not if Robertson is Piching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… Why does this F@%&ing guy still have a Tiger Uniform on?
He Should be gone with Grilli and Verlander Should be sent down to the Mud Hens for Punishment!!!!!!

The tigers,,Lookie how all the Tiger fans have come out of the wood work,,where were they when they were losing? At home with their tails between their legs!

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