Who REALLY is Hall of Fame Worthy?

With all this talk about ultimate warrior going to be inducted is he really worhty sure he did have some great matches but there were and are people who deserve it more but there is on name i dont want to hear and thats the rock in my opoinion the rock is awsome but he left wwe for movie making
now how about owen hart he loved the buisness and its about time vince inducts him it might be a bit contrevesial antoher man to consider if contreversy is not an issue he is the rabid wolverine chris benoit also what about tommy dreamer and the sandman and raven the might not have been the best in wwe but what about remeberibg them for theyre ecw days
so who do you think should be inducted in the 2010 hall of fame and why

Definitely Owen Hart, as he was a talented and charismatic Superstar who worked an excellent style of technical wrestling.He consistently put on exciting matches and cut entertaining promos and in-ring segments.


Macho Man will NEVER be included. Vince does not allow anyting Macho Man. Rumor has it, Macho Man slept with Stephanie back when she was still like 16. So yea, Vince don’t play like that homie.

None of the ECW guys for sure but who knows, if Koko B. Ware made it…I guess you can have Tommy Dreamer.

I would defintely say Owen Hart. Ron Simmons as well. Simmons did alot in WCW. First black heavyweight champ and had a great run in the WWE. With the Nation and APA.

Macho Man Randy Savage should be a definite lock in the Hall of Fame and goes without saying that The Rock is high on the list of potential Hall of Famers. Just because he is in Hollywood doesn’t mean that his passion for the wrestling business is gone.

I am not a fan of the Ultimate Warrior but he should be in the Hall of Fame.

Having a Hall of Fame without Randy Savage is an injustice and a slap in the face of wrestling fans everywhere.

BTW, I want Rick Rude in there.

Owen Hart
British Bulldog

The Macho Man Randy Savage but I don’t think he will get inducted even if he did then the McMahon family will boycott that event.

Shawn Michaels, enough said.

Go for tommy dreamer and bret hart

macho man
the mill $ man

did you know ultimate warrior was a male prostitute?

oooooooooooooooo yyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

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