over 99 derees is global warming, under 99 degrees is global cooling. This is my guess anyway.


Please note that the global warmist are responsible for the death and misery caused by the current rice crisis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Hope they sleep good at night.

Pleas note that in S. California the avg temperature in summer is at least 5 degrees cooler than in the 60s and 70’s. Where the avg. in many parts was everyday over 100 now it is common where we are lucky to have 85. In winter places that never have snow are getting snow. I guess this is global warming!!!!!!
The notion that man can somehow affect the earth’s temperature has benn debunked many times over. I guess the same people who believe in a flat earth still believe in global warming.
It is scary how ignorant society is today. Common sense should tell us that global warming does not exist. If global warming is caused by man/women why now? Why not the 1960’s when most developed countries had little pollution laws and many big cities were filthy with smog? Does it not seem strange that global warming magically exists once Al Gore invents it? Why was 1934 the warmest year in recorded history. If global warming exists why is 2008 cooler than 1934? Why are only 2% of the ice sheets on both poles decreasing while the other 98% have remained the same or increased? Why do the global warmists have to lie to get their point across an example being the exinction of the polar bear when in fact their population is at an all time high. Why do the gw’s ignore the fact that the avg. temperature on Mars is increasing at a lot higher rate than Earth’s. Oh I forgaot Martians have no global warming treaty and no public transportation system. Let’s pray that people will get an education or this generation will go down in history as the most ignorant and stupidest of all time.

There is no certain temperature that decides that there is global warming. But the fluctuations of the earth’s temperature is what helps to prove that it may be happening.

But considering whether or not it exists… I mean come on people. I know this is a controversal topic but think about it:

There are over 6 billion people living on earth. The earth is now fantastically over populated (because of industrialization, medicine, + little education in developing nations). Most of those people are from developing countries, but there seems to be enough people in the developed countries to cause atmospheric turmoil. Why is it the people in developed countries are the problem? Because all these people have “needs”. Many of those people need cars, Thats a lot of cars, and that’s a lot of CO2 being spewed out of them. THEN these people also need stuff. This stuff comes from factories which emit even MORE CO2 into the atmosphere. Now it has been proven that before this time of industrialization and over population the earth’s temperatures were much lower and more constant. But once CO2 emissions made a sudden increase so did the temperatures.

How is it coincidence that as CO2 rose so did the global temperature? I KNOW that there were temperature fluctuations in the past, but never like this. And it seems that the most logical explantion is that this is all human caused, but still people say NO, its natural. Well please explain then what is causing the temperaure changes? Did the earth decide to divert from its axis or something so now the sun is hitting it at a different angle, or is the earth closer to the sun now… Well what is this natural reason for the earth’s change in temperature then?

What i think is people just refuse to accept that this could be happening, and they refuse to accept that maybe they are even part to blame for this ordeal.

Global warming is not a set number. Go into any dessert and you will be in global warming according to what you say. Global cooling and global warming are according to the average temperature change during a time period (usually long lengths, like in 50s or even 100s are best to see if there is truly warming or cooling).

I reside inside strolling distance of the Pacific Ocean, and I have lived right here while the alarmists/leftists have been proclaiming worldwide cooling. Over 30 years in the past they began chanting worldwide warming and expected that in which I reside could have a significant upward push in ocean phases, flooding lowlands, that could occur inside twenty yr or much less. That was once 25 years in the past and I’m nonetheless ready. Nothing has converted, no longer the sea stage, no longer the water temperature. The state climatologist, George Taylor, uncovered the rip-off, and he’s a truly scientist, no longer a political candidate. The state governor learn Taylor’s document, and fired him, or attempted to. Taylor wasn’t politically proper. Also, I studied Earth Science in university as a minor. Also, I’m no longer new to technological know-how; I’ve spent my reside operating in Science and Technology. All my peers are scientists or technologists. So, do not repeat Al Gore’s lies to me. This local weather difference hoax runs alongside leftist political strains, and it’s fed through liars and morons. Believe it!

Last I heard was were are now in a state of global cooling. Our spring was quite cool. I guess Global warming will start when the whole earth melts with fervent heat.

Nobody knows what the optimum temperature for life on our planet is.

The data can prove either warming or cooling depending on what time scale you choose to use.

Ya there has been record hot temps. but there have also been record cold temps and more glaciers in like antacrtica. Its liberal ppl trying to make us freak out. The world is constantly changing. Nothing is wrong. Global warming hype is just cuaseing problems

a yearly average of 55 degrees would be warming
a global average under 54 degrees would be cooling
a temperature of 72 to 74 seems to be ideal for human comfort.

“Global warming” is an awful misnomer that just gives people another excuse to pretend climate change isn’t happening.

Regardless of it being our fault or not, the climate IS changing, and that change will show up in different ways everywhere. Where I am, it’s resulting in a longer, warmer, wetter growing season than we’ve had before.

I guess global warming means we have too much greenhouse gasses (carbon dioxide) in the air. I mean, look at all the plants and trees. They’re growing taller and greener than they ever have before!!! Yeah! Right!
Ain’t no global warmin’ goin’ on!

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