What is your opinion on Obama s support for Slave Reparations?

On the website:

One group, the African World Reparations and Repatriation Truth Commission, is demanding an astronomical $777 trillion.


What are your feelings about this?

What about Africa who sold their own people as slaves?

How is every American taxpayer responsible for this?

I have never heard Obama express support for reparations, but when he says he opposes “the idea of JUST writing checks,” that raises a question in my mind. The statement could mean any number of things. For example, if we write checks AND provide ATM cards, we would not be JUST writing checks.

Slavery existed all over the world long before the U.S. existed. It still does exist in some places, including Africa. The reparationists need to focus on eliminating the slavery that exists today before they try to extort reparations for the sins of the past. They target us because we have the world’s largest economy – we have what they believe are the “deep pockets.” They claim we owe the reparations because we built our economy on the backs of slaves. That is untrue. Even if it is true, the economies of many other countries were also built on the backs of slaves and those countries should pay, too. In this hemisphere, the first slaves went to Brazil and the Caribbean, not to the American colonies. They should contact Haiti before they contact us. They also need to check the ancestry of some of our own African-Americans to see whether they are related to the African chieftains who sold their own people into slavery. Let’s remember — when the population of Africa’s Slave Coast was depleted, it was the Africans themselves who journeyed into the interior to find new sources of “supply.” The Europeans and Arabs who dominated the slave trade would not make those journeys because they feared disease and hostile “natives.”

We did pay reparations to the Japanese-Americans who were detained during WW II, but we paid the reparations to THEM, not their descendants.

I am sick of the reparations crap. There is no amount of money that could compensate a former slave who had endured the horrors of enslavement. And there is no living person who experienced that horror.

Barack Obama spent 20 years as a member of a Black Power church that professed a “non-negotiable commitment to Africa.” One of the church’s goals was to obtain reparations for slavery. Did Obama really attend and financially support that church and reject its position on reparations? I don’t think so.

I support reparations to all remaining people who were actually held as slaves, and that those reparations be paid by the actual people who enslaved them. Anyone born since 1890 was never a slave and is thus not entitled to reparations for a wrong not done to them, and no one who has never owned a slave owes anything to anyone on that issue.
As to African slave traders, that is still going on. In many of the poorer sub-Saharan W. African states like Benin and Togo children are kidnapped or sold by their families for as little as $20-$70, and sold in wealthier states like Nigeria and Gabon for up to $350. It seems like the question we should be asking is not “Should we pay reparations for what happened 150 years ago?”, but “Why are we doing nothing and letting the same thing happen now?”

As soon as a former Slave walks up to me and asks for reparation, I will introduce a bill with the help of my Senator to be sure they get whatever is due them. However, since the are no former slaves living, I don’t see that we owe their ancestors anything. Before they are eligible for anything, we should be paying the TRUE Americans (the Indians) for the land we STOLE from them. After that, we might consider the request of the slaves ancesors. But then ONLY IF THEY CAN PROVE a direct relationship to a known slave.

Since to the very best of my knowledge, THERE ARE NO LIVING SLAVES, who would he pay. Every black person in America IS NOT RELATED TO a FORMER SLAVE. How would one determine who should be paid. That would be impossible. I think the black Americans could learn/take a lesson from the Australians. They are PROUD to say they are descendants of some of Great Britain’s Most heinous criminals. For a nation of people who had such a terrible start, they have become a mighty Nation.
I think those who CLAIM to be ancestors of former slaves should look at where they are now, and not where they were. Their won people sold them into slavery. If they had remained in their own countries, I don’t think would have the wonderful opportunities they do now. We learn from the past, we don’t live in it.
I can trace my family tree back to before the Trail of Tears, and no where in that past, did any of my ancestors own slaves. So who should pay? How would it be decided?
No the American taxpayer should not have to pay for something that happened over 100 years ago.

I don’t support it at all. Show me someone that was a slave then I’ll support it. If you give the the descendants of slaves reparations then I should get a hell of a lot more sense my grandfather fought in the Union Army to free those slaves and we won. I don’t expect anything for what my grandfather did and neither should they.

There are slaves in this world today. Whites have been made slaves. How about reparations for what we have given to the black community over the years. The welfare, food stamps, medicade, incarceration of black criminals, the free college tuition, the housing, affirmative action, and so on and so forth.How about the damage to brand new housing that is ruined within a few years and cost billions to build. How about reimbursment for the problems the black drug dealers cause and the cost to the taxpayers? How about all the money given to the katrina victims, and the no show for the mid west flood victims who were white and asked for nothing? This notion that we owe the black community something only serves to keep them from advancing themselves and working for what they need and desire. Does anyone ever give credit to any of the whites who helped free the slaves? There is never a mention of it-who can name one white person who worked in the civil rights movement who has been given credit by the black community?

Obama appears to want a race war. I am a “white” American who is also part Apache and part Jew. I never owned any slaves. My family never owned any slaves. For the last 40 years American blacks have benefited from race based government programs that discriminate against white people, and now some blacks who see only dollar signs say whites owe them more.
The plan Obama supports is theft from the American people.
Obama claims to be a Christian. The Bible says. “thou shall not steal”. Evidently Obama thinks it’s ok to steal from whites and give to blacks. I missed that exception to the 10 Commandments when I read the Bible.

Upon reviewing the article and trying to find corroborating information on the internet – I suspect its just a scare tactic by the AIM (which it appears to have originated from).

I hope it is not true since Obama has a serious shot at the White House, however, if it is true – it won’t matter.

The President has a lot of power in a lot of areas, but do you really think he could get enough support to pass this? 777 trillion dollars? You can’t just send a memo out and “make it so”. He’d have to get it passed through Congress and even without the current problems in the Middle East and the economy problem – do you think Congress would agree to this? This is what checks and balances are all about – Lucky us.

hello southern lady….to answer…I am really a bit tired of all the complaining and whining that goes on. I never owned a slave nor did my parents or even their parents. I think that we have given the blacks enough tools already to get ahead and if by now they have not, I don’t consider it my problem…or any other white persons problem.
Personal responsibility used to be more that a phrase. every other minority makes it and does not blame every one else in the world for their short comings…I think it is time the blacks did the same. Possibly not a politically correct response but a true one.

Obama has never come out and said he is for reparations in this country. That would be political suicide.

Reparations should be paid to any person who was a slave.
Since there are none alive that would be the end of discussions.

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