What is the weirdest ice cream flavor you have ever seen,…tasted??

Really, there are as many ice cream flavors out there as there are people, but what is the weirdest EVER that you’ve seen..or tasted for yourself?

Jalapeno, yes that is a ice cream flavor.

Wasabi Ice cream

i have never seen this flavor in the states but when i was in Italy they had Lemon ice cream lol it was very interesting

lol! a horse meat flavored ice cream returned in Japan. additionally octopus flavored w/ actual octopus bits. im no longer kidding. they have octopus pizza to boot and something you basically theory existed in Mars. 🙂 Thinkin: what? :O i admire avocados!

at cold stone the ice cream place i had pumpkin and french toast ice cream mixed together with chocolate chips, gram cracker, gummy bears, and coconut flakes in it. yum yum!

i have seen people eat pumpkin flavored with pumpkin pieces! :p yuck!

Sweet Potato and it’s really really good!
Corn also.. it’s great.

sea salt. it tasted somewhat like caramel.

buttermilk, vanilla extract, coffee, and bubble gum

golf club

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