Was the Edwards scandal timed to benefit Obama?

Recent polls showed that Americans are becoming tired of all the Obama-mania and his overall polling is crashing. So Obama takes off to unwind in Hawaii while Edwards is thrown to the wolves. Coincidence or are those Obama bus tread marks on John Edwards back?

I think the timing was arranged with Obama campaign. obama used every dirty trick in his campaign and that included timing of announcements and endorsements, etc. Rememeber int the primary season when his campaign used to announce the endorsement of high profile dem. when Obama was in big trouble like wringt scandal , bitter comments or losing a big primary?! same here, he was in enough trouble and didn’t wanna this news to make it worse so he told Edwards to go public with it while he taking off to Hawaii!!

it incredibly is confusing for intellectuals to take the Obama emotionalism heavily. I understand that my technology has been taught in school that the 60’s have been astonishing and that they decide for to have their own Kennedy, yet Obama isn’t it. there is something heavily incorrect with this guy. What does he have faith? “exchange you are able to have faith in.” properly what’s that? What precisely are you going to alter? how will you exchange it? Hillary wanted to have a series of debates to talk subject concerns yet he refused to function any yet the two that are arising. in case you have innovations then you opt for to get them accessible. in case you don’t then you conceal at the back of a faГ§ade like “exchange you are able to have faith in.” I understand all of us decide for exchange. i understand that I do, yet i’m additionally in a position to temper my emotion with reason. And reason tells me that Obama’s supplies would be stable for no person and undesirable for every physique. do a splash examine in this guy. There are some actual skeletons in his closet. And once you do your examine check out components different than those that his marketing campaign grants. Don’t drink the Kool-help.

Humm, I think the omania was going to be upstaged anyway by the Olympics. And now with the war in Russia/Georgia, that will be yet another distraction stealing air time that could have been spent on his eminence.

Man Obama cannot get a break…He seems to be blamed for anything and everything. People are just looking for bad things to connect him to. Its sad. Well this is America though. People here are something else. If they dont like you, they will try anything to destroy you and make sure that you dont get what you honestly deserve.

McCain was suppose to have his chance to be in the lime light while Barack Hussein Obama was on vacation, so yes there was an agenda with the timing.


How can Edwards having had an affair in 2006 be AT ALL associated with Obama?

To answer your Q: Hell no!

It has not benefited Obama at all and Edwards’ political career has been seriously crippled.

Good thing Obama didnt choose Edwards for a running mate. Anyways I dont see why people care so much about side booty. We dont know what his wife and him do in the sack. If his wife stands by him she knew, cuz Im telling you if it were a black woman and she didnt know she would 1st whoop yo azz and 2nd take 1/2 yo sh t!

The media knew about Edwards affair back in October 2007. If they had brought out the story then, Edwards would have dropped out, many of his votes probably would have gone to Clinton, and she likely would have won the nomination.

Guess the media completely has Obama’s back. If I were Clinton or her supporters, I would be royally ticked.

May be that ‘s why Edwards said no to being Obama’s VP. Obama has more pressing matters to do. Like learn the hula.

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