POLL: Your opinion on gay marriage?

i’m completely for it. grew up with a gay uncle. heres a shout-out to you, Uncle Eddie!!

Homosexuality is an abomination against nature itself.

Support it 100% <3

And let the flames begin.

You see i’ve tried to wage a logical argument against gays but most just say “Your a homophobe” “Why can’t you accept them?”

I’ve never met such a counter productive group in my life. You see the majority of the country is against gay marriage. In case any of you doesn’t know what that means it means you have to CONVINCE us to accept them. So far i have yet to see ONE logical argument with gay marriage that doesn’t involve spirituality. I have my own i’ve said it again and again so why bother i’m with the majority i don’t have to convince you, you have to convince me. If someone has a logical argument with science and item’s you can prove please by all means tell me. I’m against it till someones logic can beat mine.

I support =)
I mean you’re happy right!? and Love is love..you can’t really do anything about it
My sister’s boyfriend’s dad is gay. He’s way AWESOME 😀

IMO Marriage should be between a man and a woman

If two people love each other, no matter of gender, then they should be able to get married.
No sense in denying someone love because you think its an abomination.

I’m all for it. Anyone should be able to get married if they wanted to.

I have a gay uncle as well.

I don’t really care for it but I’m not against it either. It’s not like it’s something that will drastically affect the economy.

I don’t like it. Marriage is for a man and a woman

Totally support it! It shouldn’t matter what gender they are. They love each other and that’s all that matters.

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